Crisis, Shades of Grey and a Trequartista: All in a Day's Work for Liverpool

Chris Williams@chris78williamsContributor IIAugust 19, 2012

Luis Suarez, Trequartista.?
Luis Suarez, Trequartista.?Michael Regan/Getty Images

Apparently there is a crisis at Anfield, the new manager looks set to be fired, well if you listen to Sky UK’s Sunday Supplement and some quarters on the magical twitter you’ll be #ITK about all this.

Yesterday was disappointing, not because Liverpool were beaten 3-0 by West Bromwich Albion but because they seemed to start off where they ended last year, unable to convert chances. Liverpool should have been ahead before Gera scored a magnificent goal, Suarez was guilty of missing two golden opportunities. Even after Liverpool had been whipped he was at fault again for not making the net bulge.

Also disappointing because Gerrard was off colour, the Liverpool ‘talisman’ appeared a very dark shade of grey, absent in all aspects of play, he set up the attack that led to Agger’s dismissal. It was mentioned very quietly last season that Liverpool, at times, seemed to play better when Gerrard was absent. The Liverpool captain seems to pick and choose his games lately, give him a big fixture, Everton, Manchester Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal and he’s there at the front leading by example. However send him out against Swansea, West Bromwich Albion or Wigan and he lacks the desire that once flowed through every game he played. Is age catching up with Gerrard, are injuries taking their toll or has he lost the hunger as ultimately he realises maybe the biggest medal of all will elude him?

Contrast that with Joe Allen, who had a solid debut. He looked confident and hungry, and during the first half linked up well with Suarez and Lucas. It has been reported that Allen wilted in the 2nd half; he did, but was that due to the fact that the way Liverpool played didn’t suit him? For all the reports of a "system," it didn’t seem to survive first contact and that must be a worry for Rodgers.

There was no doubt that had Suarez netted when he was one on one, or had he put away a rather simple header then the outcome of the game would have been very different. The Uruguayan is a handful, his trickery lights the Premier League alight but for all his talent (and there are bags full) he lacks the ability to consistently strike when it matters. Suarez was bought for Torres, let us not forget this. Give him an output capable of scoring on a consistent basis and Liverpool will fly. Is his best position out wide? He seems to score more when cutting in from an angle.

Suarez is the quintessential "trequartista," a playmaker who plays not as an out and out striker or a midfielder, but the one who creates everything, the one everything goes through. Pair him up with an out and out goal poacher and that poacher will get 20 goals a season, minimum.

Liverpool have a poacher in the form of Adam Morgan. Impressive during pre-season, maybe it is time that Liverpool went back to basics and gave youth a chance. Fowler, Owen and Gerrard were all given the nod at an early age, not one of them would have prospered in today’s League that seems to be dominated by multi-million pound signings ahead of talented youth.

Short passing and movement needs the right players, the kind with a certain skill set. Liverpool are one winger and one striker short of this, the wheels are in motion and the end product will be worth it once it’s realised.

All this though is “ifs and buts”, if this was October Liverpool supporters may be inclined to worry, but it’s only the first game of a very long season. Liverpool won’t win the Premier League, nor will they finish 4th.  This year is a building year, saying that though, the club need to be "there or there abouts" with regards to 4th come May. Only a reliable goal scorer will give them a chance of this and a chance of cup success