WWE SummerSlam Results: Where Does Triple H's Loss to Lesnar Leave His Career?

William RenkenCorrespondent IIIAugust 20, 2012

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

A final eerie image of a very humbled Triple H filled the screen with the usual WWE credits in the  corner of the screen to end SummerSlam.

On the one hand, most had forecasted Brock Lesnar coming out on top in their main event match of the night, but it also seemed to be the kind of match that would get Lesnar over heavier with a complete destruction of the 13-time World Champion.

The match itself was a well-constructed fight that never strayed into the territory of Lesnar's match with John Cena at Extreme Rules, with plenty of blood or weapons around the ring. No sledgehammer appearance. No misguided Lesnar spot that leaned more on disaster than on payoff.

No interference either. Paul Heyman never got involved. Shawn Michaels only appeared in tweets and Stephanie McMahon remained MIA for the night. Just a one-on-one match that relied on brute force and blatant targeting of each other's body weaknesses. (Lesnar going for Triple H's arm, and Triple H focusing on Lesnar's sternum.)

Even though Triple H managed to generate spurts of offense and two Pedigrees, Lesnar dominated the match without destroying Triple H and without leaving him to have to be carted to the back in an unconscious heap.

But it was a final Kimura lock that sealed the deal for Lesnar and forced Triple H to finally tap out.

The final remaining minutes of the pay-per-view did not bring another assault from Lesnar (despite Heyman calling for more offense in the post-match), and it did not bring a surprising run-in from anyone from the back. Just Triple H alone in the ring, sans any assistance to the back with his injured arm.

Mixed reactions from the crowd. An applause for the effort and chants of "You tapped out." Triple H mutters apologies to the crowd repeatedly and has tears in his eyes at the top of the ramp with the show fading to black.

Again, just eerie considering the match with Lesnar didn't carry nearly the weight of Triple H's match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania in Miami.

Now with such a definitive image in everyone's head, it brings up the question of where Triple H goes next with his career in the ring.

On the one hand, it's not out of left field for Triple H to be coming to the end of his career. He only wrestles a couple of times a year at most and only in higher-profile situations. He's not in the overall WWE main event scene and hasn't been for years now.

But still to have the career of The Game seemingly on the way to being over with tonight's loss to Lesnar seems abrupt and not worthy of a final end for Triple H. Again, his match with The Undertaker and the "End of An Era" build seemed to be more fitting, but it clearly wasn't the end for Triple H.

Now the interesting question becomes what is next in the career of Triple H? What should be the appropriate end for his career?