Roger Goodell Is Too Strict

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

In an effort to single-handedly bring us out of the financial apocalypse we’re living in, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell agreed to take a pay cut.

“Goodell, meanwhile, voluntarily took a cut of 20-25 percent from the $11 million salary and bonuses he was to receive in the 2008 fiscal year, which ends on March 31. He and other league executives are freezing their salaries for 2009.”

Aw.  How nice.  So now he’s making making about $8.5 million instead of $11 million.  That’s about as useless as a handjob.  Which is why I flatly refuse those.

So let’s try something meaningful instead, Roger.  Like getting rid of your stupid Personal Conduct Policy.  These guys grew up flashing guns, slapping women and slanging crack, and now you want them to just give it all up bc they made it to the NFL?  That makes no sense.  And it Fs up my fantasy world.  Now I have to worry about my guys not getting injured or doing drugs.  I probably have a better chance of meeting a 25 year-old virgin who cooks, cleans, shaves, and doesn’t speak.

PS - in case you’re looking for a particularly good photo of Goodell, don’t waste your time.  He looked exactly the same in every GD pic I found.

Original image via Hail to the Deadskins