Will Vitali Klitschko Fight David Haye If He Wins on Sept. 8?

Ralph LongoAnalyst IIIAugust 20, 2012

Outside of a fight between the two Klitschko brothers, a fight between David Haye and Vitali Klitschko would be the most interesting fight in the Heavyweight division.

Haye is fresh off of a very impressive fifth-round knockout victory over Dereck Chisora, who previously went 12 hard rounds with the elder Klitschko and ultimately lost in an unanimous decision. 

It's unlikely that Haye's going to fight against anyone other than Vitali or Wladimir. However that's basically inconsequential because what most boxing fans, especially the European ones, would like to see is Haye step into the ring against Vitali. 

But assuming Vitali defeats the undefeated Manuel Charr on September 8, will they finally be able to come to terms and make a deal? 

It's a difficult question to answer. 

The first big issue would be the split of the money. The fight would do huge business in Europe, but would they be able to come to an equitable agreement? Haye's going to probably want at least 45 percent of the money and hopefully wouldn't ask for a 50/50 split, which without a belt he doesn't deserve. 

Vitali would probably want a 65/35 split. Maybe he'd budge to 60/40, but since it could be the last fight of his career, he'll want to cash in as much as possible. So the money is a definite issue here. 

Second, and more importantly, Klitschko may retire after his September 8 fight and enter full time into politics after his election on October 28 if he wins a seat in Ukraine's parliament. 

If we ever want to see a Haye V. Klitschko fight, Vitali needs to lose his election on October 28. If he wins, it's going to be difficult for him to continue to fight and therefore deprives fans of a fight that they want to see. 

So, sorry Vitali. You're a nice guy and a cool dude, but you're going to have to lose in October. Then you need to make the deal with Haye so that we can all see a great Heavyweight fight. 


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