Michigan Football: 2013 Commits Slipping in Recruiting Rankings

Colan LamontAnalyst IIAugust 22, 2012

I mentioned in an article I wrote on Monday that quarterback/recruiting guru Shane Morris had reached the much-elusive 5-star prospect level in the most recent Rivals100 list.

But it seems the analysts over there aren't quite as high on a number of other future Michigan players, with six high-profile recruits seeing quite a drop in their status.

Nick Baumgardner of annarbor.com alerted me to the situation, and as you can see for yourself, Rivals have demoted Henry Poggi, Dymonte Thomas, Chris Fox, Mike McCray, Patrick Kugler and Kyle Bosch.

Defensive tackle Poggi fell six spots to No. 58, with safety Thomas falling out of the top 100 altogether.

The offensive line didn't fare any better, with Kugler and Bosch both falling 15 places.

McCray fell 26, with Fox following his future teammate Thomas out of the top 100.

It's not as if the rankings of such recruiting services are vitally important, but it is strange to see such a large number of players from one team drop off that much.

There are constant updates to these lists, so it's expected that it will fluctuate a little, but this is a pretty big jump.

It may just be my opinion, but I feel Rivals is more strict with their ranking policy than most other recruiting services.

Sure, they put way too much stock in the size/speed ratio of players, but it makes me wonder if the lower rankings reflect the fact that the Michigan 2013 class may have been prematurely judged to be elite.

I personally believe only USC holds a 2013 class anywhere near Michigan's, but I don't know why some analysts are down on it all of a sudden.

In fact, 247sports.com only recently put Michigan back in front of Alabama in the No. 2 position despite Michigan holding the same number of 5-star guys and eight more 4-star players.

I try not to care about star rankings etc. too much, but does it worry any of you that this class is losing some of its hype?