WWE's Tyler Reks Quits: Is Curt Hawkins' Loss Zack Ryder's Gain?

James DoubleUAnalyst IAugust 22, 2012

Tyler Reks requested and received his release from WWE on Monday, according to his Twitter. The news was picked up first by Steve "Better then Andy" Carrier of Wrestling News Arena. Reks' page on WWE.com is already using the past tense, so it's fair to call this official.

Reks, a newly minted family man, was having trouble with leaving that family behind to hit the road. Certainly the WWE wasn't doing much to counter those feelings.

This does bring up the question of why Reks & Curt Hawkins debuted a strange new gimmick and were fed a pair of jobbers Monday and how all of that plays into the time line.

(Local enhancement talent have been having a renaissance since the appearance of Ryback, with other superstars like Jinder Mahal and now Hawkins & Reks getting in on the act.)

At any rate, his departure certainly leaves Hawkins holding the bag. Unless Hawkins wants a post-tag team career like JTG's, he'll need some help.

Consider how Hawkins and Zack Ryder made up the tag team known as Major Brothers and were also a part of La Familia.

You should then consider that Ryder managed to force his way into singles relevance only to be smacked back down to the same puddle of irrelevance that Hawkins has been mired in all this time.

You have to wonder if they might be each other's port in the storm.

It makes a certain amount of sense. While the WWE's usage of the tag team division has been sort of inconsistent and haphazard, it's noticeably deeper and more robust than it was only six months ago. And it's pretty clear that if either Hawkins or Ryder is going anywhere as a singles wrestler, it won't be while they are in the WWE, or else it won't be in the near future. 

Could the Major Broskis have an impact in the tag team realm again? If they were to get into a program with the champs or the Prime Time Players, Ryder could get back on TV while he still has some fans and possibly elevate Hawkins, while keeping Ryder out of the main event scene.

They could even combine with one or more other superstars. Brodus Clay is finally in his second established feud, though it's clear that he won't be near gold anytime soon. Ryder's already had his own run-ins with Damien Sandow, and adding Hawkins to that picture would be easy enough.

Instead of letting him get beat up while the world watches, next time his little buddies could make the save. In matches, one of the littler guys could eat minutes until Clay came in to mop up. And anything to cut that interminable intro can only be good. It would be 2 Cool 2.0.

Or what happened to that group of jobbing heels that came out on RAW 1000, Nexus style? The group demanded respect only to be wrecked by Undertaker and Kane.

Couldn't they give it another shot?

Mahal's moved onto other things, but Hawkins, Ryder and Drew McIntyre (with or without Hunico and Camacho or perhaps with Trent Baretta) could make a good little faction of malcontents. A slight heel turn while maintaining his Long Island style might add the bit of seriousness that Ryder needs to move onward and upward.

Probably wishful thinking, but these two need to put their heads together.