Another QB Is Allegedly Gay

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Skip Bayless, the retard who, among other things, said Tim Tebow will be better than Brett Favre, is now re-alleging that Troy Aikman is gay.

This is from a Skip Bayless interview with The Starting Five:

“I wish I had sledgehammered [my comments] because it was the truth and everyone who knew what was going on inside the locker room told me the book was a terrific job and that I nailed it.

Because I did. It’s exactly what happened. All I heard from people around the country who didn’t read the book was, ‘You outed Troy Aikman?’

I didn’t. The coach definitely thought he was gay and a lot of his teammates thought he was gay. More than that, they thought he was racist and they thought he was trying to get Barry Switzer.

I basically think he did get Barry Switzer before it was over.

So those are the tales of my books.”

This is stupid.  Almost every QB is allegedly gay. Like Jeff Garcia. And Tony Romo. And Brady Quinn. At this point, alleged QB gayness is like getting laid off. Or testing positive for steroids. If you were one of the first targets, it sucked. But now it’s so widespread that it’s understood. Kinda like genital human papillomavirus (HPV). Girls never ask if you have that anymore. Because it’s understood that you probably do.

Original image via 123People