Chicago Bears: Why Alshon Jeffery Will Win the 2012 NFL Rookie of the Year Award

Brett SoleskyCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2012

Alshon Jeffery
Alshon JefferyJoe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Chicago Bears rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffery has thus far exceeded the expectations of a rookie wide receiver.  He has practiced at an extremely high level in camp, and he's gone out on the field and been very productive in the preseason.  

Jeffery has shown he can be a reliable option in the passing game, showing that he can get production from any route you throw at him.  

The question is, can Jeffery win rookie of the year?  

The answer to that question is simply yes, Jeffery has the potential to win the rookie of the year honors.   

Randy Moss came into the NFL in 1998 and played for the Minnesota Vikings and won the offensive rookie of the year under the style of offense Mike Tice will run in Chicago.  

In Minnesota, Moss came into a very similar situation as Jeffery will in Chicago. Moss had a veteran No. 1 receiver opposite him in Chris Carter, and teams focused on Carter.  Jeffery is also big, physical and fast like Moss was, meaning Jeffrey can produce at the same level Moss did.  

Tice's offense has been so successful it holds the NFL record for most consecutive games of over 300 yards of total offense with 36.  

No, Jeffery is not the same player athletically as Moss, but Jeffery has proven he can go up and get the ball at its highest point, beat physical coverage and make catches.  

Most importantly of all is Jeffery doesn't drop a lot of passes, which means he will make the most of each and every one of his chances.  

People say the Bears are going to be run-heavy, but thus far we've seen the total opposite with Jay Cutler in the game.  

The Bears have emphasized the pass as much as the run, and that will mean extra opportunities for Jeffery.  

It's only a matter of time before Jeffery is named the starter opposite Brandon Marshall, and teams will focus more on Marshall because they believe a rookie receiver can't beat them.  

Jeffery will prove them wrong, and produce at a level worthy of rookie of the year honors. Jeffery will be an option in all aspects of the passing game, on third down, down the field and in the red zone.  

His best production will come in touchdowns because he can win in the back of the end zone running the fade. Jeffery has great hands and the ability to outjump defenders.  

Plus, Jay Cutler has already shown he's not afraid to look the rookie's way and give him the chance to make plays.  

Jeffery will be under the radar, but his production will be evident in week one, and throughout the season.  

With a high level of confidence and many opportunities coming his way, Alshon Jeffery will win the offensive rookie of the year honors for the Chicago Bears.