BYU Football: Will the Cougs Don Black Uniforms This Thursday?

Samuel BensonContributor IIIAugust 28, 2012

BYU may have a little trick up their sleeve.

Ever since spring, photos have been leaking of a new, alternate black uniform that the Cougars may wear this season. Although it is not certain when these will be worn, there is a good chance that BYU will don the Nike outfits Thursday.

I have not been told by anyone that they will even be worn at all, but from my own observations, I have concluded that they will probably be sported sometime this season—most likely this week.

The jerseys are almost identical to BYU's current ones, but with a black base. The trio of stripes on the side of the pants and sleeves are royal blue instead of navy and have the stretch "Y" logo on the chest.


As far as the helmets go, they will be a black, matted color with a royal "Y" on it. There is also a blue stripe running down the top.

It would be superb to wear the new unis against Utah, Boise State, Georgia Tech or Notre Dame, but these are all road games. NCAA rules state that visiting teams must wear white uniforms, unless a written agreement by both the home team and the visiting team is met. The conference of the host must also approve the agreement.

To me, it sounds like a much easier process is to just wear them during a home game.

This year, BYU hosts Washington State on Thursday, Weber State, Hawaii, Utah State, Oregon State and Idaho. If I were Tom Holmoe, I wouldn't decide to reveal the uniforms against a lackluster FBS team or FCS team. Aside from WSU, the one team on that list that sticks out is Oregon State, and I don't think that it's worth it for a probable blowout.

Another reason is that tomorrow, the Cougars are having a whiteout. (Note to fans: If you are planning on going to the game, wear white!) Black jerseys in a sea of white could look pretty cool. Besides, it's always fun to add a special effect on the season debut.

I am still uncertain if this is a welcome change, or a hideous idea for BYU. It could look pretty sweet, but also pretty ugly.

Let me hear your opinions below.