Michael Vick: Will Anyone Take a Chance?

Anthony SimmonsContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

The question on every football fan's mind—whether you like him or not—is who will take a chance on Michael Vick?

Which of the 31 owners, we know for sure he will not be an Atlanta Falcon, is ready to have PETA and other activists at all of their games with signs and boos?

Well, to start the process of elimination, we can easily take away the following teams: the Colt, Pats, Ravens, Steelers, Titans, Saints, Broncos, Chargers, Seahawks, Bengals, and nobody in the AFC East or NFC East—these teams all have franchise quarterbacks.


So, now that we have deleted 18 of the 31 teams eligible for Vick, who can we eliminate?


Cleveland Browns: have their future in Brady Quinn.

Detroit Lions: are so bad I don't think Vick will sign.

Green Bay Packers: need I say more? No way. Lombardi would roll over in his grave!

Arizona Cardinals: though he's not all that, good Matt Leinart is a lock.

St. Louis Rams: will give Bulger one more year to do something.


Now, we are at my elite eight:


Chicago Bears: It's Orton's job to lose, but I can see Lovie taking a chance on Vick.

Houston Texans: Imagine the option with Vick and Steve Slaton, but Matt Schaub is the man in Houston.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The market is too small for a Vick-caliber player. Plus, they just paid Garrard $30 million during the offseason.

Carolina Panthers: It's hard to cut the quarterback who took you to the Super Bowl, so Jake Delhomme has at least one more season.


Now, we are down to the final four:


Oakland Raiders: It's hard to know what is going on in Al Davis' head, but I think he will stick with Russell. But who knows!

Kansas City Chiefs: Thigpen came on late last year. Is he a better fit than Vick. Also, a new general manager is not going to start his regime by signing Vick.


And then, there were two:

Either of these teams could be the one who makes the move, but the team that is least likely to is the Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings: Who is Tarvaris Jackson? A cheap Vick.

So, why not get the real deal and sign Vick? Because they just traded a draft pick to Houston for Sage, so that wouldn't make since.

So, the team who will sign Vick will be the...Tampa Bay Buccaneers.