Minnesota Re-Signs a True Viking

Henry WeinerContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

It’s official. Jim Kleinsasser is still a Viking.

On Friday, Minnesota and the grizzly North Dakotan agreed to terms on a three-year, $9 million contract, which will likely keep the run-blocking specialist in purple for the rest of his career.

It wouldn’t be to hard to imagine this 6’3”, 270lb, mustachioed man running around with an axe instead of a football, animal skins instead of shoulder pads and a helmet with real horns on it. He truly is an imposing force on the football field when it comes to blocking.

I wrote yesterday about how I felt he was going to end up back on the Vikes and how this shouldn’t be taken as just some minor signing.

If there is a better run-blocking tight end in the NFL, please let me know.

Kleinsasser regularly puts elite defensive lineman and linebackers on their backs, opening up gaping holes for No. 28. He’s like an extremely strong, mobile offensive lineman who can catch the ball if you want him to.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that he never even hints at the notion of needing more touches in the offense.  He is a pro’s pro and the people of Minnesota truly like this guy.

Many times you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. Luckily for Vikings fans, they won’t have to realize what we’ve had for at least three more years.