Kurt Warner to the San Francisco 49ers?

Anthony SimmonsContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

There are rumors going around that the San Francisco 49ers are talking about signing Kurt Warner and paying him 10 to 12 million a year.

I guess they haven't learned from the huge mistake the Jets made last season by signing Brett Farve.

Warner will be 38 years old when the season starts that is not exactly the age to build your team around when you think about it from the 49ers stand point they do not have a reciver  near the caliber of Fitzgarld or Boldin, so what use will Warner be to them.

The 49ers should draft someone  who hopefully wont be a bust like Alex smith or find a younger quaterback to build there team around.

They have a stud running back with  Frank Gore and solid TE with Vernon Davis, so why not use the 10th pick of the draft on Sanchez and try to sign T.J Houshmanzdadeh? That will get the niners to the playoffs not blowing 12 million on Kurt Warner.