Washington Redskins Roster Cut Predictions: All Bets Are off

Daniel CarrollCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2012

Rex might be one of the first to go
Rex might be one of the first to goRick Stewart/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins spelled it out plain and simple this week with the release of Superstar Chris Cooley—all bets are off come cut day.

Releasing the most proven commodity at tight end in favor of youth and potential shows that Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan are going to make emotionless, practical decisions over the next few days with regard to the final 53-man roster.

I need to stress that what follows is pure speculation based upon the idea that if the Redskins are willing to cut Captain Chaos in the name of numbers, there are several other surprises potentially waiting in the wings.

What other shocker might be sprung on us in the next 48 hours?  Here are a few big-name players that I think the Redskins could cut.


Rex Grossman

There are now four quarterbacks on the Washington Redskins team since the cutting and re-signing of Jonathan Crompton.  Kirk Cousins looks fantastic in preseason play, and Robert Griffin III is the starter. 

Rex's only saving grace is that he knows the offensive scheme. 

Well, so what?  Cooley knew the scheme and position better than Niles Paul.  I think Rex could be gone for good.


Tim Hightower

There are four halfbacks on the team, and while Mike Shanahan is no stranger to the running back carousel style of play, four is one too many. 

Everyone assumes Tim Hightower is going to play, but an emotionless look at the roster shows a rookie sensation in Alfred Morris and a two-touchdown game last night by Roy Helu Jr., and Evan Royster looks to be healthier than Hightower.

That makes Hightower the odd man out.  Add to that the obvious youth movement, and I think Hightower could be cut or traded.


Brandon Banks

Tiny Banks is a big headache—a wonderfully dynamic, exciting headache.  He finally tore out a pair of plays for big yardage in the final preseason game, and he flashed that speed we hold oh so dear in the NFL. 

However, he also dropped another punt, dropped a pass that was in his hands and lost a fumble. 

He is notorious for the big and low plays coming right on top of each other, and with about seven other guys all fighting to get reps in both the receiver position and the return game, Banks doesn't measure up (no pun intended).


Bonus Shocker

Somehow, Jammal Brown remains with the team. Seriously.

What do you think?  Post your comments below to let me know how crazy I am, or how much you agree with me.