Debating The WWE's PG Stance On Entertainment

Will HowardCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

As most anyone who has watched the WWE since the late 1990's can tell you, the WWE has never been a corporation or used programming that suggested that maybe the younger kids shouldn't be watching.
"It's what the world is watching" was at one time a slogan for the then WWF, and it was true...back then at least.
The days of Degeneration-X crotch chopping, being profane and informing people that they could indeed, Suck It! along with Divas such as Trish and Sable using their more impressionable assets, if you want to call them that, are over.
Long gone are the days of apparent gang-style violence between Savio Vega's Los Boricuas, Farrooq's Nation of Domination, and even those pesky bikers the Disciples of Apocalypse.
Am I the only one that remembers a young D-Lo Brown going through the hood of a car in downtown New York, thanks to Ahmed Johnson?
"Stone Cold's" beer drinking and subsequent invading of Brain Pillman's house...The beer drinking is still here to some extent, but his antics are a mere shell of the Steve Austin I remember.
What about Mae Young and Mark Henry's love affair? If that wasn't one of the funniest gimmicks ever, then please, tell me what's funny.
Come on, these moments helped transition from the days of Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Curt Hennig, and others, once they left for the WCW, as well as away from the era of the legends that at least I so vividly remember.
Fast forward to today. Feb. 28, 2009. World Wrestling Entertainment is going PG.
John Cena's finishing move is no longer the "F-U" it's the "Attitude Adjustment/Adjuster." Melina's splits entrance doesn't get the views it did when she managed M.N.M. and the assets of divas, most notably the Smackdown Divas, are kept behind a vault of clothing.
The language is toned down, the gimmicks are breezes compared to the tornadoes that they once were. Divas wear more clothing, and for once, something we never thought would happen, has happened.
The kids who watched wrestling during the times of Degeneration-X, well we're adults now, some of us even have children of our own. Honestly, we have realized that we, as parents wouldn't want our children to watch what some of us deem to be "filth."
It was fun when we were younger, but now that we've grown up, it's not fun anymore, not from the parental standpoint. As a parent, yeah I might not want to show my daughter something that shows her that she will only be valued for the size of her breasts and not for the package.
Maybe the gang violence is too much. Maybe elderly women shouldn't be having sex with guys one-fourth, or one-third of their age, and maybe letting my daughter watch Steve Austin throw beer on his boss, or attack his former best friend-(peace with Pillman) is a little bit much, or a lot too much.
Honestly, I will not be the guy to draw the line as it comes to this.
As a fan, this annoys me. As a fan, I hate the WWE right now. You know what? It's about to get worse. According to a few popular sites around the Internet, there are more changes coming to the WWE's programming and roster.
In reports, which to me, have a ring of truth to them, the following changes are supposed to be taking place.
Cryme Tyme is having it's name dropped. After Wrestlemania, Shad Gaspardand J.T.G. will be losing their team name or will be given a new name. Cryme Tyme and the activities of the like, promote theft and enough bad behavior.
As a fan, this is flat out monkey drool. Very disappointed that a team can't keep it's name, but as a parent, I'm okay with the idea.
Another change, and this one probably bugs me the most, is the changing of the name of Montel Vontavious Porter..M.V.P.'s running kick, the "drive-by" because it indeed promotes gang violence or that drive-by-(shootings) are okay. Bull-hockey on every level I think.
The last noted change, is changing Mark Henry's music, due it the Three-Six Mafia's talk of "someone getting they wig split, and they ass kicked" Sorry about the spelling, I took it directly from
As a parent, I'm okay with the changes, but as a fan, I might be done with the WWE.
So all you parents, myself included, here's the solution. Tell the WWE to be the beer drinking, butt kicking, breast-flaunting group it always has been. Watch what your kids watch. It's not the WWe's responsibility to protect your kids.
That's your job. You guys complain that it's too violent, then DON'T LET THEM WATCH IT!!! The WWE needs to drop the PG-Rating or it's going to lose more valuable, better fans then a bunch of little kids and angry parents.
And that, now that's my opinion...
This has been an Assassins article.