Todd Gurley Is the Real Deal and UGA Will Ride That to Miami

Lance KnudsonContributor IIISeptember 2, 2012

Todd Gurley
Todd GurleyKevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE

The University of Georgia's first game against Buffalo showed there is plenty of work to do before next week's game against Missouri. 

There were some plays that showed why UGA is a top-ten team and some plays that made the fans wonder, "Should we be a top-ten team?"  The defense, which is supposed to be the strength of this team, gave up 347 total yards to a team from the MAC.  Georgia's defense looked confused and its players were in the wrong place at the wrong time most of the first half.  Yet, there was one player that came ready to play.

There are some football players you watch for the first time and you say, "He's going to be good someday!" Then, there are some you watch and say, at the very least, "I cannot believe he just did that!"

Yes, UGA played a MAC Division team in Buffalo. But, sometimes you can just tell when someone is special. Todd Gurley is very good now and has the potential to be one of UGA’s greatest someday.  The Georgia players and coaches have had nothing but good things to say about Gurley, but we hadn't seen him play yet in a college football game. 

He bounced off defenders, ran over defenders, and plain out-ran defenders in his first college football game as a true freshman. When a running back is powerful enough to carry a pile and return a kickoff for a 100-yard touchdown, you have something that you don't see very often.

Yes, UGA has had some very good running backs in the past and always will. However, anyone that has ever watched college football can see UGA has a Trent Richardson-type of running back with speed to back it up.

Keith Marshall was impressive with his moves and elite speed and Ken Malcome looked good until he got injured.  The passing game had its highlights at times too. 

But, Todd Gurley looked like the, "Real Deal." It's not going too far to say that he looked like a faster Marcus Lattimore or a Mark Ingram/Trent Richardson hybrid. No one wants to predict someone's success off of one game against Buffalo, but sometimes you just know.

Larry Munson would probably have said something like, "The last time we saw this, it was 1980." UGA's defense will get it figured out, Aaron Murray will settle down and become the Heisman candidate that he can be, and now there appears to be an elite running back in the mix. 

Georgia finally has that running back that can get them to the game Mark Richt hasn't been in as a Bulldogs coach yet.  According to Richt, Gurley had an average day, "He averaged about what he averaged every scrimmage, about 12.5 yards per carry," 

That's an average that just may be enough to play in Miami in January.