Philadelphia Eagles: Predicting All 16 Games

Professor BushCorrespondent IIISeptember 3, 2012

Can Shady Repeat Last Year without Jason Peters?
Can Shady Repeat Last Year without Jason Peters?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles went undefeated in the preseason. A turnaround from last year's disaster should be in the cards.

But they now have 10 rookies on their 53-man roster and questions at offensive left tackle, slot cornerback and safety. While the linebacker corps has been upgraded, weaknesses were still exposed during the preseason.

The durability of Michael Vick remains in question, but now there seem to be two very capable backups on the roster.

So what will this all mean for the win-loss record this season? Here is my prediction on a game-by-game basis.

Week Opponent  Outcome
  1  @Browns Easy Win
  2  Ravens Close Loss
  3 @Cardinals Easy Win
  4  Giants Close Win
  5 @Steelers Blowout Loss
  6 Lions Close Win
  8 Falcons Close Loss
  9 @Saints Blowout Loss
 10 Cowboys Close Win
 11 @Redskins Easy Win
 12 Panthers Close Win
 13 @Cowboys Close Loss
 14 @Bucs Close Win
 15 Bengals Easy Win
 16 Redskins Easy Win
 17 @Giants Close Win

So I see a 5-1 record in the NFC East, a 2-2 record against the AFC North, a 2-2 record against the NFC South and two wins against the remaining matchups scheduled based on last year's record.

This 11-5 record should win the NFC East. Andy Reid's teams always do well in December, so I have projected a four-game winning streak to end the season.

In order for the Eagles to win the NFC East, they will likely need to defeat the Giants twice, which they have done in some recent years. However, if the Giants win the last game of the season, then they would win the division and the Eagles would get a wild-card spot.