London Olympic Hero Mo Farah's Bath Water Reportedly Being Sold on EBay

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 3, 2012

Photo Credit: eBay
Photo Credit: eBay

Ever wanted to own someone else's bath water?

While that question may have never entered your head, super fans of London Olympian Mo Farah are now hit with quite the bizarre conundrum. 

Isaac Rauch of Deadspin spotted an odd eBay posting recently, featuring a picture of Farah in an ice bath and the promise to sell water bottled direct from that source. 


Here is the link for you uber fans who don't mind some used water and don't mind spending $1,000 for the stuff. 

Buy at own risk.This is only water that I hope to have been scooped out of Mo Farah's ice bath and placed into this water bottle after his 2012 olympic win. Impossible to authenticate buy at own risk. Their was ice in the bottle but it has melted. My apologizes :(

Sad emoticon indeed. 

Never mind the fact that you have to traipse across the bridge from sanity to insanity to part with a good amount of money for what could be someone's used bath water, you have to do it with the blind faith that you aren't being bamboozled. 

How does one even authenticate water that may or may not have sidled up next to a sweaty Olympian at some point?

While Farah is quite the celebrity, winning gold for his home country in the 5,000-meter and 10,000-meter races, I have to stop just short of wanting to be near anything he may have bathed in. 

No, I will just keep the memory of his winning exuberance near and dear to my heart. You can keep your bath water, eBay user Rklassman

In fact, please don't. Just pour it out. 

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