WWE Raw: Reaction to the Labor Day 2012 Edition Featuring CM Punk

Jersey Strong Jay@@PWPowerhouseCorrespondent IISeptember 5, 2012

Credit: www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com
Credit: www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com

Here at the Jersey Shore, Labor Day is a day that all of the locals can celebrate, knowing that the visitors are leaving town once and for all. It is also a day that lives in infamy for great moments that take place on Monday Night Raw.

I always remember Raw being in Canada around this time of the year. When WWE goes to Canada, it usually provides a great atmosphere. This Labor Day, however, Raw came to you live from All-State Arena in Chicago, Ill.

When WWE goes to Chicago, we always expect something big to take place because of the consistently crazy crowd and their hometown boy, WWE Champion CM Punk.

The Sheamus/CM Punk interaction was brutal to hear. It showed just how much better CM Punk was than Sheamus. The "Celtic Warrior" stumbled through his promo and had a difficult time making sense. The crowd could sense the weakness coming from Sheamus, and they let him hear it.

A nice touch to the interaction between Sheamus and CM Punk helped to further another angle with Raw general manager AJ Lee. I like how Raw has been allowing different storylines to intertwine with one another.

When Punk refused to wrestle Sheamus in a Champion vs. Champion match at 9 p.m., it showed the WWE Universe how AJ continues to lose control of her employees on Raw. We also witnessed CM Punk jump into a small, black car and drive out of the All-State Arena.

Later on, Vickie Guerrero called out AJ and demanded an apology. AJ was informed earlier in the night by the WWE board of directors that she cannot physically touch any of the superstars on the roster. Although this is similar to the angle that WWE used when Stone Cold Steve Austin was GM in 2003, it is different because Austin could strike superstars if he was physically provoked.

In one of the strangest moments in Raw history, AJ completely spazzed out in the middle of the ring after a few vicious slaps to the face from Vickie Guerrero. It was a jaw-dropping moment that had the crowd confused and silent at the same time. This nervous breakdown had been brewing for months, and we finally saw it.

I think this will lead to the eventual replacement of AJ as Raw general manager. Here's hoping for a return to the job by William Regal.

Another interesting twist was Jack Swagger leaving the arena after his loss to Sheamus. While Swagger put up a better fight than he has in past weeks, he didn't get the victory. AJ begged Swagger to stay, but he said he is taking some time off.

I personally think Jack Swagger would be better off on SmackDown with a fresh start. He is one guy that might benefit from a babyface turn in the near future.

Daniel Bryan and Kane continue to deliver and show how versatile they are. If you have read my stuff before, you know how big of a Daniel Bryan fan I am. Kane seems to be in the best shape of his career. These "anger management" segments are extremely well done.

The "hug" that these two embraced in was one of the more awkward moments in Raw history. I am really intrigued by what the future holds for this feud. What will the payoff be?

I am truly interested to see where this Paul Heyman and CM Punk alliance goes. If Brock Lesnar is brought back into the equation, we could have another "Two Man Power Trip" on our hands like we had in 2001 with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H.

If WWE plays their cards right, they can ride this Punk/Heyman alliance all the way to WrestleMania. If they add another huge heel to the mix, the top three matches at WrestleMania 29 can come out of this unholy alliance between these two amazing performers.

This week's three-hour Raw was one of the smoother broadcasts they have given us since they decided to go three hours. The matches were good, the segments were entertaining and the added intrigue with the Punk/Heyman alliance gives you something to look forward to next week.



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