Ward 4-1 Favorite: Are Rumors of Dawson Being KO'd in Sparring Affecting Bets?

Michael WaltersCorrespondent IISeptember 6, 2012

Andre Ward, the WBC super middleweight champ, is now a 4-to-1 betting favorite over WBC light heavyweight champ Chad Dawson for their showdown this Saturday, according to a report on the site fightnews.com

The betting line started with Ward a favorite at 3-to-1 odds, but a late surge in money on Ward has moved the line even further in his favor. 

Could this move in the betting line have anything to do with the rumor that Edison Miranda knocked Chad Dawson out cold in sparring on Aug. 28?  The two have been sparring together in preparation for their upcoming bouts this weekend. While no video evidence has surfaced, one boxing insider says it happened for sure. 

Maxboxing.com’s Steve Kim, who is a respected boxing journalist, sent out the following tweet on Tuesday:


Steve Kim ‏‪@stevemaxboxing

So did Edison Mirando knockout Chad Dawson in sparring or not? These things are like fish tales. You don't know what to believe ‪#boxing


Rick “The Raccoon” Glaser a somewhat infamous boxing industry insider responded with this: 


Rick Glaser ‏‪@RickGlaser1

‪@stevemaxboxing It happened, and Dawson was out! Know it as fact, just as easy as tomorrow is Wednesday herein this great country of ours!


With the line steadily moving in the favor of the smaller man (Ward), it appears as though the oddsmakers could be taking the rumors seriously. 

I for one would not put my cash down on Ward simply because of a rumor that in my opinion doesn't hold much weight. Actually, I think the smart money is on a draw. It's paying 33-to-1.