Buster Posey of San Francisco Giants Has Solidified His Case for NL MVP

Christopher Benvie@CSBenvie81Correspondent IISeptember 10, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 08: Buster Posey #28 of the San Francisco Giants up to bat during a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at AT&T Park on September 8, 2012 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images)
Tony Medina/Getty Images

Forget all about the fact that Buster Posey is having the best statistical season of his career.

So what if the 25-year-old catcher owns a .327 batting average, second only on the San Francisco Giants to the currently shelved Melky Cabrera?

Big deal if his .402 OPB, .531 SLG and .933 OPS all lead the team.

None of those stats matter right this second, in this moment. What matters most is how an MVP handles the pressure that comes when squaring off against your strongest of adversaries.

Posey delivered the goods.

In the three-game series that saw the Giants take two of three games from the division rival Los Angeles Dodgers, Posey was a key contributor for San Francisco.

In his 10 at-bats, Posey went 4-for-10 with a double and a home run. He scored two runs and added two RBI while walking twice, as well.

For those keeping score at home, that means Posey posted a .400/.500/.800/1.300 batting line against the vaunted Dodgers.

Sure, the team from Tinseltown added a cool $200 million to its payroll. The Giants just saw their players turn on the jets.

While, yes, Posey has seen his production dip since an otherworldly month of July which saw him put up a .381/.448/.595/1.043 batting line, followed up with an equally impressive August that consisted of a .371/.482/.652/1.134 line, he has remained quite good.

When the Giants lost Cabrera for the remainder of the season, the future was looking dim. They had just lost out in the trade wars in terms of flashy names, garnering only Hunter Pence and Marco Scutaro and then lost one of their biggest stars.

That said, Pence and Scutaro have worked out just fine, and Posey has been an animal.

The fact that Posey has 20 home runs with 87 RBI in addition to his .327 batting average is quite impressive. Not enough consideration is given to the pounding the hands of a catcher take during the course of the season. 

When most catchers would be winding down, Posey is just getting started.