WWE Night of Champions: Will Eve Torres Be Part of the Divas Championship Match?

Luis CamposAnalyst ISeptember 11, 2012


By now, many of you already know that the current Kaitlyn versus Layla Divas Championship match at Night of Champions was a mistake—the result of a botch that saw Eve Torres accidentally going over the ropes during a battle royal to determine the championship's No. 1 contender. At the moment, however, one question still remains: Will Eve Torres be added to the match as part of a triple threat?

As it stands, the currently billed Layla versus Kaitlyn match is expected to be a disaster. Although Layla is one of the few divas who has decent wrestling skills, her opponent, Kaitlyn, is still very green.

A former body fitness model, Kaitlyn made her debut in the WWE in 2010 as part of the third season of NXT, a competition she would go on to win. But despite her credentials as NXT winner and her unique look, the former Chickbuster has yet to make a name of herself in the WWE, partially because of her lack of wrestling skills. 

Adding Eve Torres to the match—an idea that has been hinted at during the past Divas segments on WWE television—would be the best way to ameliorate this potential train wreck of a situation.

Not only is Eve Torres one of the more popular Divas in the WWE, but like Layla, her wrestling skills are also better than the skills of most of the other Divas on the roster. Her addition to the match could result in an interesting push not only for Torres, but for the Divas division as a whole.

As a recent winner of the television show Stars Earn Stripes, Eve Torres is currently in the eye of the mainstream media. Having the Diva not only participate in the upcoming Divas Championship match, but win the match as well would be a great way for the WWE to garner the external attention that Vince McMahon is known to crave.

In the end, perhaps the question shouldn't be, will Eve Torres be added to the Night of Champions Divas match, but rather, why hasn't she been added yet?


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