Texas No Longer Recruiting 5-Star WR Ricky Seals-Jones Is a Huge Plus for LSU

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 13, 2012

The Texas Longhorns have reportedly stopped recruiting 5-star wideout Ricky Seals-Jones.

This is a terrible decision by Mack Brown and his staff, but it's great news for the LSU Tigers.

According to Gerry Hamilton of HookEm.com, Texas is no longer recruiting the talented prospect, who injured his knee (according to Rivals.com) earlier this month:

HookEm.com has learned that Texas is no longer recruiting Ricky Seals-Jones, the nation's no. 16 overall prospect and the No. 1-ranked player in the state according to 247Sports.com.

Seals-Jones plays quarterback and defensive back for Sealy. He was being recruited as a wide receiver by the Longhorns.

The Longhorns are going to regret this decision, as it's probably going to end up helping another big-time college football school.

I believe that school is going to be LSU.

The Tigers are now firmly on top of his interest list, according to 247Sports.com, and they've made him an offer.

With the Longhorns no longer recruiting the No. 1 player in their own state, it's easy to see the allure of the SEC and a shot at playing for a national title at LSU sealing the deal for him.

Back when Seals-Jones got hurt, I was concerned that the knee injury would hinder the wideout. Receivers have to be able to make sharp cuts, turns and run crisp routes, and I was worried that a knee injury may slow him down.

However, since then, the MRI on his knee came back negative (according to Damon Sayles of ESPN). This means that the chances of him having a good rehab and returning to 100 percent or better are pretty high.

At his best, Seals-Jones has the potential with his tall and athletic frame—he's 6'5" and 230 pounds— to become a superstar in college.

I'm really not sure what Texas is thinking here.

Yes, he did already decommit from the school once (via ESPN), but his potential alone is worth trying again and again. Now that we know his knee should be okay, there shouldn't be any reason to worry.

It seems as if the Longhorns don't want to spend any more time on the wideout, though, so their loss will be another school's gain.

LSU looks to be up to bat, and I don't see Les Miles and the Tigers being afraid of taking the shot.

Recruiting is a skill, but sometimes it takes a little bit of luck as well.

Texas backing out on Seals-Jones will greatly benefit the Tigers.

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