Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins: I'm Already Sick of the Hype

Daniel CarrollCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2012

Griffining?!?!? Seriously?
Griffining?!?!? Seriously?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Alright you Robert Griffin III fans, before you start screaming at me or telling me where I can stick my computer, realize that I am a huge fan of RG3 and his potential.

Yes, he did have the best Rookie game in NFL history.

Yes, he is a great athlete.

Yes, he has all the intangibles.

But let's have some perspective. Robert Griffin III did not just turn the Washington Redskins into the 2007 New England Patriots.

Stop the insanity, please. Just yesterday, I had a conversation with an otherwise very intelligent man that went like this:

Him: "The Redskins are gonna kill the Rams on Sunday!"

Me: "I don't know, this game has always been tough for us, and now there's film on RG3."

Him: "So what? RG3 will just run it if they stop the pass, and pass if they stop the run.  This is gonna be a blow out, 45-3. I bet RG3 will sit out the 4th quarter, we'll be so far ahead!"

Me: "What are you smoking?! If we beat the Rams by more than 14 I'll eat my hat. I'm thinking 10 points difference."

Him: "Are you nuts? We have RG3, baby!"

Me: "The Rams are a professional football team, dude. I think their defense is better than the Saints - at least their secondary is. Griffin is a rookie. I wouldn't be surprised if RG3 throws a pick or two this Sunday."

Him: "You're a hater, go watch the Cryboys."

This was the same guy who predicted a loss to the New Orleans Saints last week.

My point in all this is that Redskins fans have done it again.  They have embraced the hype as fact, and have set themselves up for huge disappointment.

Again, for the record, I believe the Washington Redskins are going to beat the St. Louis Rams on Sunday by something like ten points. Still, I do not think RG3 is going to have a game like last week, if for no other reason than the Rams are weak against the run, but strong against the pass.  Look for 150 - 200 yards on the ground between Robert Griffin III and the three backs.  Look for about the same in the air.

I hate to break it to you, but RG3 is going to lose games. The Washington Redskins might even lose a game or two because of Griffin. He's a rookie, for Pete's sake!

What will happen then?  Will there be rational discussion about the natural setbacks a rookie will face?  No, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, screams about how the coaches screwed up, and talk of another bust at QB. All because the fans have anointed a rookie as the second coming of Sammy Baugh.

Stop the insanity, please.

RG3 may believe pressure makes diamonds, but unrealistic expectations lead to mistakes. So far, Robert Griffin III is playing with poise and smarts beyond his years. All that can change if there is too much hype forced upon him by the fans and the media. He is (I assume) only human, after all.

He plays in the NFC East.  Do you really believe he can sweep the division?  Have the Redskins ever swept the division?

Stop the insanity, please. Let the kid play football. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Allow him his human moments. Come back to earth before you crash back to reality. Don't ruin what promises to be a fun season by expecting a perfect one.

This can be the best season ever for younger fans, and the best season in a long time for older fans.  That is, unless you get tricked into believing the hype.