Mike Francesa Sleeps, Denies It and Then Claims He's Allowed to All in Two Days

Brian Buckley@brianbuck13Contributor IISeptember 15, 2012

Apparently, the hardest working man in sports talk radio is fading right before our eyes.  During the report of WFAN Yankee beat writer Sweeny Murti’s Yankee report, the foremost expert on anything and everything, Mike Francesa nodded off.

As Francesa’s head dipped lower and lower, Murti continued to blabber on with Yankee homerism.  That is until he mentioned Mike’s name and Francesa’s head shot up in a panicked state of unknown whereabouts.  In classic Francesa style, he appears to trash his producers for some unknown reason, which is recognized standard procedure to any “Mike’s On” viewer/listener.

After “Sleepgate” was born, several media publications including NY Dailynews Bob Raissman and Deadspin ran with it.

So the next day,  Mike claimed the story wasn’t that big of a deal, yet he began the show with it.  He claimed he wasn’t actually sleeping, but resting his eyes.  Apparently, one of his children has an asthma problem and he was up late tending to the little one.  Fair enough reason to be tired, but don’t bring your kid into the mix because you nodded out, Mikey.

Later in the show, some fans had their fun with Mike by mentioning the incident and hoping Mike can steer clear of narcolepsy.  Mike fired back at one of the callers, calling him a jerk and said that since he’s worked there for 25 years for 5.5 hours a day, he’s allowed to sleep during interviews.

I love listening to this pompous windbag everyday, but he’s getting borderline pathetic.  Ever since the split with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo (who also agreed he was sleeping), Francesa has done the impossible: he’s become more arrogant, more self-indulged and more out of touch with reality than ever before.  Instead of hanging up on callers before they can respond, now he has begun insulting them and throwing his kids condition under the bus in a vain attempt to save face.

While analyzing UConn head coach Jim Calhoun’s retirement process, Francesa explained to the audience the process coaches and players go through when retirement is knocking on the door.  He said that if in the months before the season they didn’t have that fire that has driven them throughout their career, then it was time to go.  In classic Francesa mantra, he interjected his career into the fray.  Every August, he reevaluates his internal flame for all the sports that’s fit to talk about (meaning ripping the Jets and Mets and praising the Yankees) and decides if its time to turn off the mic.

Maybe he was dozing during that annual critique, too.

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