WWE RAW: Why John Cena and CM Punk Took Kayfabe Too Far

Mark PirieCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2012


For those who didn't know already, last night John Cena and CM Punk fought out an epic battle for the WWE title at Night Of Champions.

However, as often happens with these type of matches, a controversial ending saw the match end in a double pin and a draw, with John Cena having the title cruelly taken from his grasp.

The thing is, he did win.

The official WWE Twitter rushed quickly to state the video seemed inconclusive, and Michael Cole and JBL at ringside claimed that neither of them could tell what had happened. But any fan who has watched the footage, live or since, will see that Cena clearly had at least one shoulder up, whereas Punk was flat out.

While it is clear that the referee, Cena and Punk were all sticking to kayfabe, there is a line that was crossed.

It seemed almost insulting to end a main event centred around a lie, and it was even more comical to have WWE sources fumble around trying to cover their back after the botched double-pin attempt.

When really scrutinised, it could be seen as a flopped move by the challenger Cena, and therefore, as with all botches, the wrestlers involved papers over the cracks as quickly as possible.

In this case it would have seemed to make much more sense to stick with the mistake in a main event of a PPV, and potentially switch the title back in even more controversial fashion on the following night's Raw, or wait for Hell in a Cell.

The creative team is paid to be creative, so be creative.

It will be interesting to see what happens tonight on Raw, but with a bitter taste in people's mouths after forking out money for a botched PPV ending, things can only improve.