WWE Night of Champions: Behind the Scenes and LiveNotes from TD Garden in Boston

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2012

Photo courtesy of Justin LaBar
Photo courtesy of Justin LaBar

Being in Boston on Sunday―I was surrounded by emotion.

For three hours, I watched how the Patriots were the priority for everyone and the devastating reaction when they lost the game in the final seconds because of a missed field goal.

After that, the city was back to WWE as its primary focus. A Boston resident told me it was one of the biggest crowds he could remember waiting outside of the TD Garden to get in.

The U.S. Championship Battle Royal had some of the most excitement to the night. All the names coming out. I gathered many of them are names the fans like and want to see more of.

Zack Ryder, while so much of his stock for me personally has dropped, still got the biggest Battle Royal pop when he made his entrance, and of course with the win also.

As we waited for the new color commentator to make his entrance, huge chants of “Jerry” filled the arena.

The opening Fatal 4-Way match was not very tight. I don't know what was seen or how it came off on television―everything seemed a step or two off.

WWE has seat fillers being used for the section I was in which was right across from the hard cameras. Basically if two people got up to go to the concessions and were gone for longer than five minutes, WWE would put two people in those seats until the other people returned. They didn't want any empty seats to be seen on camera.

The reaction Daniel Bryan and Kane got when they hugged during the match was the reaction I expected to hear in the bar if the Patriots made the field goal.

Kofi Kingston actually got boos. At first we thought it was people saying “BOOOOOM.” But now, when he first got a hot tag in and started delivering offense to Daniel Bryan―you don't mess with Bryan, fans are firmly behind him.


ROH fans: This is why we don't have the “Kings of Wrestling” in WWE.

WWE wants to create its own. They normally prefer to have something of their own fail then piggy back off of a previous name or gimmick. Antonio Cesaro's whole gimmick continues to grow on me. A perfect fit for Aksana and just a good heel gimmick. I like his look, the speaking in the languages and the back story of being a rugby player who was too violent. I hope gets to reach full potential in WWE.

Its amazing the drawing power Randy Orton has with females.

Loved that Dolph Ziggler used a classic Macho Man move where he grabs the opponents head and jumps over the top rope.

I could hear a toilet flush during the Eve and Layla match. The two aren't bad in the ring, no care or electricity for the match.

Kudos to AJ for wearing a white top for the scene of getting the Gatorade/water dumped on her.

I'm glad it took Booker T this long to come to his senses that there are risks involved in being a WWE Superstar. Alberto Del Rio should have won...with the Brogue kick. Where do they go from here? I don't care.

I loved it immediately when I saw CM Punk come out in pinstripe tights which played off the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry. I tweeted this and some guy actually tweeted back to me, and was serious when saying, "Um, the pin stripes are obviously for the Cubs you J******." This is when I have to try and be professional.

By the way, it can never be said enough how good Paul Heyman is. He made his 90 seconds of speaking a highlight. He could sell a Yankees jacket to a Red Sox fan.

John Cena Sr. rides his gimmick train all day and every day. He was in the lobby of the TD Garden making himself available for autographs and pictures.

John Cena fans either aren't aware that there are negative Cena chants, or chose to ignore it. Rather than, "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks." I heard some kids and hardcore Cena fans chanting, "Let's go Cena, CM sucks."

Great false finishes with John Cena versus CM Punk. Really got me intrigued/worried about if they would finish the match appropriately. Was such a simple, logical finish for the situation of the story. It makes you want to watch tomorrow and the crowd was so upset at CM Punk. Mission accomplished.

The WWE after-party spot of getting amazing Chinese food at Kowloon, the food lives up the hype.