WWE: Night of Champions Proves the More PPV's in the WWE, the Better!

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIISeptember 17, 2012


A frequent debate in the WWE lately is about the number of pay-per-view events. Many feel that the WWE has too many of these events and that it is taking away from the actual big events.

While having fewer pay-per-views would make the bigger ones like SummerSlam and WrestleMania more special, the consistency of the quality of the other pay-per-view events proves that the more there are, the better.

That was especially true with Night of Champions last night. 

The latest pay-per-view had exciting matches that were built up and hyped strongly. Everyone who watched the event had to be pleased with its quality and has to be excited for what is to happen next.

There was plenty to take away from the event and plenty that it will lead to that we should be giddy for.

Here is a look at why Night of Champions was so significant...


The Miz Is a Legitimate Intercontinental Champion

Ever since Cody Rhodes had his long reign as Intercontinental Champion, the title has started to gain back some of its credibility. 

The title that once was a huge accomplishment had started feeling irrelevant, but the recent champions have helped make it more reputable. The Miz is one of those champions.

After getting buried for a period of time, the Miz has started to climb back up the WWE. At Night of Champions, Miz won a four-way match and retained the Intercontinental Championship. This win helps improve both the credibility of the Intercontinental Championship and the Miz.


Kane and Daniel Bryan Give the Tag Team Division Depth

One thing that has started to worry WWE fans was the lack of a strong tag team division. There has been a lack of concern for the division, but lately some tag teams have emerged and made it more interesting.

Now Kane and Daniel Bryan have formed an unlikely partnership and won the Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions. 

Kane and Bryan being a team helps give depth to the sinking division and could help its reemergence into relevance.


Randy Orton Versus Dolph Ziggler

Over the last year or so, Randy Orton has helped younger superstars grow. He has helped superstars like Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett climb up the company.

Now Orton is in the middle of a feud with another emerging superstar, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has been flirting with main event status but has yet to take the next step into the top of the company.

Ziggler and Orton's match was the only match that did not have a title on the line, but it was arguably the most exciting. Both superstars displayed their athleticism in this match.

The most important thing to take away from this match is that Orton has put himself back in the World Heavyweight Championship picture and the next step for him should be trying to get the title back.


John Cena Versus CM Punk

John Cena and CM Punk are building a historic feud. Going back two Money in the Banks ago, Cena and Punk have put on consistently entertaining matches. 

Now with Punk becoming a heel again, the door is open for their feud to continue and grow into one of the greatest feuds of all time.

Their match last night was filled with back-and-forth momentum swings and plenty of nearfalls. Punk's frustrating inability to finish off Cena and their match ending in a draw, has left the door wide open for where their feud will go in the future.

It is also being reported that Cena suffered an injury from the match. The severity of the injury a big thing to watch going forward.

All in all, Night of Champions was a strong pay-per-view that proves that the more of them in the WWE, the better.