John Cena Injury: Does Cena Deserve a Break?

Cody Guinn@@CKissGuinnContributor IIISeptember 17, 2012

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As plenty of you have heard already, John Cena suffered an injury early on in the Night of Champions main event last night when he rolled his ankle. From the looks of the picture, it was about as bad of a roll as you could get.

It's no secret that Cena is without question the WWE's top performer day in and day out as he simply does not miss Monday Night Raw and always makes at least an appearance during house shows. With that, Cena is also the WWE's top star and is currently in a major storyline with the WWE Championship and champ CM Punk.

John Cena is human, although we do forget that sometimes, so with the daily grind Cena goes through as well as his injury last night, should John Cena take some time off?

I believe there is no other superstar in the WWE who deserves a break like Cena, so I say give it to him.

WWE could play it so many different ways too. Take Sunday night's injury and have CM Punk capitalize on it on Raw, injure the ankle worse, call it kayfabe "broken," and take Cena off television for a few months.

Besides the fact Cena deserves some time off, taking Cena off WWE television would allow CM Punk to take over as the true top guy and would also allow someone to step up as the next challenger for the WWE Championship and get someone else over while Cena is recovering.

Cena's character could also use a break and it seems the WWE has no interest in changing it, so the time away will also allow fans to get a break.

Whether you love or hate John Cena, there shouldn't be any doubt that he is the alpha superstar in the WWE, but like the rest of the roster, Cena could use some time off and right now seems like the best time for the WWE to take advantage of that.