Cody Rhodes vs. Miz: The Midcard Feud That WWE Must Emphasize

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2012

Photo by Reckless Dream Photography
Photo by Reckless Dream Photography

With a potential Cody Rhodes and The Miz feud, WWE has an opportunity to utilize two of its brightest young stars in a rivalry that could engross and impress.

Let CM Punk and John Cena dominate the main event. Let Dolph Ziggler take his rightful place there as well.

There is plenty of room in WWE, especially with a three-hour Raw every week for two of the company's best talkers to collide in a battle of maniacal egos. The midcard needs star power, in-ring ability and a well-told story that is given ample time.

Pay-per-views start to be lot more appealing when every matchup has been built up and features wrestlers fans have strong feeling toward.

Ignore the fact that Rhodes and Miz are both heels.

This is an era where fans often cheer for despicable characters because they like them as wrestlers. Dressed in Yankees-themed wrestling tights, Punk still got cheers at Night of Champions.

Put Rhodes and Miz head to head, and fans will pick sides for themselves. 

This is not the time to be bogged down by face vs. heel tradition. That dynamic works wonders certainly, but straying from it every so often keeps things fresh.


The Story

Consider the Fatal 4-Way match at Night of Champions and the Rhodes post-match attack on Miz weeks ago the groundwork for a crowd-pleasing rivalry.   

Having Miz pin Rhodes blindly at Night of Champions creates added tension as well. Now, either Miz brags to Rhodes about having beaten him, or Rhodes calls the pin a lucky break. 

Rhodes' persona is that of an obsessive man with few scruples. Having him become fanatical about regaining the Intercontinental Championship makes plenty of sense.

One of the reasons WWE's secondary titles have suffered in prestige is that few wrestlers are actively seeking them. Making the IC belt Rhodes' top priority, having him grow fanatical about it, makes the audience more invested in the title and the outcome of this feud.

The Miz is out to prove he is the best IC champ in WWE history. Who better for him to face than a man who held it for 236 days?

He could go on a campaign to beat all former holders of the title in order to prove his dominance.


The Action

Both Rhodes and Miz are impressively quick and fluid in the ring. Their matches are primed to be fast-paced and intense—a display of abusive clotheslines and stiff kicks.

Their matches over the next few months could do what cruiserweight battles did for WCW in the late '90s.

They provide a dependable quality match every time out. The two workers give you consistently good wrestling to fortify the strength of WWE's shows. They are action-filled bouts that do far more than warm up the crowd.


The Other Options

Repeating recent history, WWE could have Miz appear sporadically and rarely defend the title. They could wait until the SmackDown before Hell in a Cell to announce some random opponent for him.

Sound enticing?

WWE could also go the Ryback route. The undefeated monster intimidated Miz on Raw.

But a feud with him paints WWE into a corner. It's not as if it makes sense to have Ryback lose already. Nor is taking the title off Miz already a wise move.

Rhodes needs a prominent role.

Rhodes is far too talented to be without a storyline and without an antagonist. This is a good spot for him and for The Miz right now.

Should Miz survive their feud with his title still around his waist, it only serves to make him look like a legitimate contender and revive some of the IC title’s prestige.