WWE: John Cena Tweets About His Arm Surgery

Robert AitkenAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2012

John Cena underwent elbow surgery this afternoon in the Andrews Sports Medicine Center in Alabama.
John Cena underwent elbow surgery this afternoon in the Andrews Sports Medicine Center in Alabama.Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

According to an article posted by WWE.com this evening, John Cena has undergone elbow surgery to remove bone chips.

This comes on the heels of a Twitter announcement by Cena himself following Sunday's Night of Champions pay-per-view. The tweet from Cena included a picture of his left ankle, which he had rolled early in the WWE Championship against CM Punk at the event.

Cena was still able to wrestle in last night's main event and WWE—who are very savvy with social media—did not acknowledge the tweet from Cena or his ankle ailments. His ankle had to have improved if Cena was able to perform and have him in a main event tag team match with Sheamus against CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio.

Cena tweeted just minutes ago the following statement about his injury:

Leaving #theAndrewsInstitue what super surgeon #DrJamesAndrews is. U guys have my word, i will do whatever i can to be active ASAP...
9/18/12 5:36 PM


The WWE.com story has quotes and suggests that Dr. James Andrews, who performs procedures for many high-profile athletes, was the doctor doing the procedure to Cena.

However, the story only states Dr. Andrews without a first name. It is not until Cena's tweet that it is confirmed that Andrews was, indeed, the doctor who performed the procedure on Cena.

Initial reports on Cena's injury suggested a 4-6 week period of recovery before we would see Cena return to the ring. This may have been the initial number due to healing the swelled ankle before getting into a lot of rehab on the elbow injury.

However, the ankle appears to not be an issue as the timetable has been reset to 2-3 weeks recovery, according to the WWE.com article.

Continuing with the storyline with Cena and Punk from Night of Champions, Cena continued with a slew of tweets, including this one directly addressed to WWE Champion CM Punk:

Oh.. And @CMPunk u TIED a guy with a blown up ankle, and a shattered arm...what say when i get healthy...
9/18/12 5:42 PM

Referring to the ankle as "blown up" and the arm as "shattered" is a bit of a stretch in both respects.

The ankle was swollen and is fine now. The elbow had some chips removed from it.

At best, it was a scope of the arm and a pretty simple healing process follows for Cena. It is certainly not on the level of his neck and pectoral injuries, which have required immediate surgery and months of rehab before resuming his career.

This is basically maintenance being done on Cena's body.

It's perfectly believable that this surgery was planned for today. The original timetable had six weeks before Cena would come back to the ring, which was the same amount of time before Hell in a Cell, the next pay-per-view.

That number has now been changed and cut in half. Now, Cena can return, keep his feud with Punk going through social media, and return with three weeks to spare and build another pay-per-view match from there.

So, John Cena has gone under the knife once again today, but there shouldn't be any worries. The minor procedure will not be expected to take WWE off their plans for Hell in a Cell in October.