WWE Raw: With Cena Away, Punk and Heyman Should Start a Coup D'état

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer ISeptember 21, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

As most WWE fans already know, John Cena will be out of action for six to eight weeks. Although Cena can't wrestle for a while, it appears he will still be on television, as evidenced by a tweet he wrote in which he promised to be at Raw this upcoming Monday night.

The 2012 Hell In A Cell pay-per-view is on October 28, and the rumored main event will be a Cena vs CM Punk rematch for the WWE Championship. That is 37 days and five Raw episodes away.

Regardless of whether or not Cena will be at those five Raw episodes, CM Punk and Paul Heyman should take advantage of Cena's injury by starting a coup d'état of WWE. With WWE's biggest superhero (Cena) away (and unable to wrestle), its biggest villains (Punk and Heyman) should play. A lot. And no one should be able to stop them.

Punk and Heyman should beat up incompetent referees, put Sheamus and other babyfaces in five-on-one handicap matches, force Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to face off in a mask vs. mask match, smash and redesign the WWE Championship and cause all sorts of trouble.

Punk and Heyman shouldn't cause trouble on their own, though. They should recruit disgruntled and under-appreciated wrestlers to help bring chaos to WWE. Maybe Brock Lesnar should make an appearance or two.

What this does (besides making WWE more entertaining) is build CM Punk as a heel so unstoppably evil that the WWE Universe cries out for Super Cena (the face of WWE) to get back into action and take out Punk at Hell In A Cell. Despite his pink "Rise Above Cancer" gear, Cena has been on the receiving end of "Cena Sucks" chants—courtesy of adult male fans. I highly doubt WWE likes this.

What do you think? Should CM Punk and Paul Heyman bring chaos to WWE while Cena is out of action? Is this a good or bad idea? Share your thoughts!