Green Bay Packers Free Agency Needs: CB Bryant McFadden

Steven FinchCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

It's no secret that CB Charles Woodson and Al Harris are getting old. Between the two players, they have 22 years of NFL experience.

Most mock drafts suggests that the Packers should draft CB Malcolm Jenkins, because of the age and glaring need at that position.

Most are upset over the Chris Canty debacle, and the fact that the Packers haven't made a single move yet. I'm one of them. But has everyone forgotten that Bryant McFadden is still a free agent?

McFadden is a four-year player from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Drafted with the 62nd pick of the 2005 draft, McFadden has shown great potential.

The Steelers are also one of the top NFL teams that run a 3-4 defense, as the Patriots and Steelers are the only two teams to win a Super Bowl with that scheme.

I know it's redundant to say that the Packers need more players with the knowledge to run that very difficult defense, but it's true.

Ted Thompson needs to act faster with negotiations, or the Packers won't get anyone to help out with the transition.

The Packers' GM should sign CB McFadden, DE Igor Olshansky, and LB Kevin Burnett. That should help with some experience on the line and linebackers.

Hopefully DT B.J. Raji is still available at the ninth overall pick. If he is, draft him to back up DT Ryan Pickett. And if Raji's gone, then we could possibly go after DE Brian Orakpo.

Bottom line is, TT would be a fool to let McFadden return to the Steelers without giving him a good once-over. If the team could get said players above, then the transition to the new defense should be a lot easier.