Hats Off to the Milwaukee Brewers: Dollar Menu Coming to Miller Park

Aren DowCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported on Thursday that the Milwaukee Brewers are planning to install a dollar menu at Miller Park.

Obviously, this is just a public relations move to bring more people to the ballpark, but it sure feels good to see someone lowering their concession prices.

In an age in which fans nearly have to take out a second mortgage to cover the price of tickets, parking, and concessions, I applaud the Brewers organization for trying to help families. This is incredible news for parents that buy food at concessions for their kids. 

The menu may include hot dogs, sodas (or since this is Wisconsin, pop), and popcorn. There is reportedly only one stand to serve the dollar products, and it will not be open for every game.

I do appreciate the thought the Brewers have. The lines will most likely be lengthy, but the wait will definitely be worth it.

While some may view concessions as an unnecessary purchase, I myself cannot go to the ballpark without at least having a hot dog. Now, I may even be able to buy two.

I remember the days when I was a kid and being able to bring refreshments into the park, and this was still in the early '90s. In the past 15 years, prices have skyrocketed to almost unbearable amounts.

This promotion may not last beyond the 2009 season, but I will sure enjoy it while it lasts.

Unfortunately, no word about dollar beers, yet.