Torry Holt Doesn't Like St. Louis Anymore

LaddCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Torry Holt has asked the St. Louis Rams for his release.

“Holt, who has one year left on his current contract, is due a roster bonus of $1.25 million on March 17, making it unlikely he’ll remain on the roster beyond that date....Holt, 32, is currently 11th in NFL history in career receptions, with 869, and 14th all time in career receiving yards with 12,660.”

Of course Torry has asked the Rams for his release. The market is ripe for once-great old guys to cash in one last time.

But, like the subprime mortgage market, the old guy market is about to crash. Don’t doubt this; I was an internationally recognized economist in my former life.

But not one of those loser economists who cross their legs like a lady when they sit and barely have enough coordination to walk in a straight line without falling over.

I was still cool and sexy. Obviously.

Now watch me do this: Aging players [poor people] with diminishing skills [low earning capacity] don’t deserve multi-million dollar contracts [mortgages].

Aging players [poor people] realize this and are seeking to be released [seeking mortgages] in an effort to land another one of these ridiculously lucrative contracts that their peers are getting [houses that are out of their price range]. But the market has become flooded with old guys [poor people]. Which is why the old guy market [subprime mortgage market] is about to crash.

Ladies love it when I reason like that. Call me!