Terrell Owens: Patriots Should Stay Away from Stale Popcorn

R KContributor IMarch 5, 2009

News broke early this morning that Mr. Popcorn’s era in BIG D is officially over. What a surprise.

Suddenly, Terrell Owens, you are becoming a NFL’s foster childthree years and on to the next “family”. Maybe you really need a hug, or a good thorough spanking?

Either way, early insider reports indicate that there are no teams presently willing to take a chance on Owens. Trust me, give them a couple months, and they will quickly change their mind. A weak draft or sub-par preseason will get the owners hastily reaching for their Blackberries.

T.O., you will find a home, and I wish you the best.

That being said, the blogosphere rumors regarding the Patriots' interest in T.O. need to stop. There is no way the Pats will take a chance on Owens. Even with all the talent, T.O. has too much baggage and too much drama.

Let's also not forget the Pats already have two Pro-Bowl receivers. You add a few complementary players via this year's draft and free agency and I forecast a championship.

Which brings me to my next point, please stop comparing T.O. to Randy Moss. Owens is what Moss was a decade ago; a phenomenal player with an attitude problem. Moss was able to put behind his indiscretion (the fake mooning, walking off the field) and become a team player, while T.O. still sounds like a fool at every press conference.

But hey, T.O., if you promise to be a good boy and play your heart out for a ring, then maybe Bill Belichick can find room for another malcontenton special teams or the practice squad. 

TO, I know that is cold and “it’s not fair”, but you are not my boy and everyone is getting tired of your redundant act.

If it is strictly the Benjamin’s you are after, then come out and scream at the top of your lungs: “I LOVE ME SOME CHEDDAR”.

But if you really want that ring, then you need to figure out who you really are; a supreme wide receiver that keeps his mouth shut and just plays ball? If you can do that, if you can sacrifice, then I will get out my popcorn and I will watch the show.