WWE Raw Results: Why Kofi Kingston Will Get a Big Push

Hector DiazAnalyst ISeptember 26, 2012

Kofi Kingston is already shining after returning to singles action. 

For months, Kingston was part of the paltry tag team division with Evan Bourne (and more recently R-Truth). It can be argued that Kingston was the workhorse of the rebuilding tag team division until the introduction of Team Hell No. 

Fortunately for Kofi Kingston, he is now able to showcase his skills to earn that big push from the WWE.

And after seeing Monday's match against current Money in the Bank briefcase holder Dolph Ziggler, it should be no surprise that Kingston may be next in line.

The match itself was one of the most entertaining in recent memory. The combination of Kingston's high-flying abilities with Ziggler's ability to sell any move paid dividends as the match progressed. 

Dolph Ziggler is notorious for selling other superstars' moves, but it is rare when another wrestler is able to do that to Ziggler. Kofi did just that on Raw. 

The match was so entertaining that Jim Ross mistakenly thought it was the main event. Indeed, the match did have a certain main-event quality. 

Kofi Kingston has already paid his dues by being in a weak tag division. WWE is clearly focused on making Kingston one of the top superstars on the roster considering that he was one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions for such a long time.  

Kingston is no stranger to singles gold either, having already won multiple midcard titles. He has won the Intercontinental Championship on three separate occasions and has also earned the United States Championship twice. 

He has already held all of the championships, with the exception of WWE’s two premier titles. 

It is only a matter of time until Kofi Kingston competes for the higher tier titles, and based on Monday’s impressive match, that time will be soon.