Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara: Will They Be the Next WWE Tag Team Champions?

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2012

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The WWE tag division has been taken by storm by the odd pairing of Kane and Daniel Bryan. While the dysfunctional tandem is sure to enjoy a fruitful reign with the titles, the more conventional team of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara is next in line.

I've been calling for a revamping of the tag scene for a very long time, so I'm thrilled with the way things have been going as of late. One team that I was hoping would be formed was Mysterio and Sin Cara, and now that it has come to fruition, I expect big things from the diminutive luchadors.

With Sin Cara starting to flounder as a singles competitor, and Mysterio having nothing left to prove, it made perfect sense to put the Mexican stars (Mysterio is of Mexican descent) together. Both of them are capable of having strong matches with essentially anyone, so their in-ring skills are only going to bolster a tag division that is suddenly burgeoning.

Kane and Bryan, thanks to their popularity as a comedic pairing, are the ones who are bringing tag wrestling back to the attention of the fans. However, they simply can't remain together forever.

Kane is a guy who can still contribute as a singles wrestler and Bryan is undoubtedly a future WWE champion. Therefore, their shelf life as a team may be fairly short.

If Kane and Bryan are the ones who are going to draw the fans in, then Mysterio and Sin Cara have to stabilize the division in the long run. Mysterio and Sin Cara could easily remain together for several months, so I fully expect them to take the titles from Kane and Bryan once they have run their course as a team.

What the WWE is doing currently with the tag scene is smart. It's forming and cultivating new teams that can thrive once the crutch of Kane and Bryan is gone. There is no doubt that the team with the most star power once the smoke clears will be Mysterio and Sin Cara, though.

I can't say with certainty what the creative team plans to do with Mysterio and Sin Cara, but I see very big things for them in the future. Not only does that include a solid run with the tag titles, but I could see an eventual feud and match at WrestleMania as well.

Mysterio has yet to be a heel in the WWE, but he has done pretty much everything else imaginable, so why not have Mysterio play the heel role in a feud with Sin Cara heading into WrestleMania?

Mysterio can start to become jealous of Sin Cara's rising popularity, resulting in him turning on his teammate and costing them the titles.

By that time, hopefully there are enough developed teams to keep the tag division on its upward trend.

If not, Mysterio and Sin Cara can stay together as long as needed. The best thing about this team is the versatility it brings to the table. Neither guy is desperately needed in singles competition like Kane and Bryan will be eventually, so they're a team the WWE can hang its hat on.

The WWE tag division has been in dire straits for so long that it almost seems as though it has an embarrassment of riches right now. Kane and Bryan ought to hold the titles as long as it's feasible, but Mysterio and Sin Cara will be the perfect team to take them when it's time to move on.


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