The Miz: What's Next for Him After Being Squashed by Ryback?

Drake OzSenior Writer IISeptember 28, 2012

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Not an episode of WWE Raw or SmackDown goes by where the creative team doesn't make some sort of head-scratching decision.

Even if it's just a minor mistake, we are often left puzzled by at least one booking move that simply doesn't seem to make sense.

Want a good example? Then just look back to what happened to The Miz on this week's episode of Raw.

After what transpired between he and Ryback on last week's Raw show, the WWE put them in a singles match on this week's Raw. It seemed odd because it initially looked like these two were headed for an Intercontinental title feud that might result in a match at Hell in a Cell.

Instead, any potential Miz-Ryback feud was thrown down the drain when Ryback squashed The Miz in only a few minutes.

While it's clear that the WWE booked Ryback to have such a dominant victory over the Intercontinental Champion in order to help build him up, the decision to do so was still a puzzling one that made The Miz look far too weak for someone who is holding one of the WWE's most historically prestigious titles.

Now, it remains to be seen what The Miz's next step will be.

Was his squash loss to Ryback an indicator of where he might be headed, or was it simply a result of Ryback's push?

To be honest, I think it was actually Option No. 3: A result of the WWE needing to prepare for a scenario in which John Cena isn't healthy enough to face Ryback at Night of Champions. 

Therefore, giving Ryback a dominant win over a former WWE Champion and the current Intercontinental Champion will allow him to be taken more seriously as a possible fill-in for Cena against Punk at the pay-per-view. Although I think Cena will ultimately be able to go, Ryback is probably the backup plan.

That's precisely why I wouldn't read too much into the WWE's resident beast destroying The Miz. The Miz was simply a big enough name to make Ryback look more credible, but no so big (like Randy Orton or Sheamus) that the WWE would have been willing to have him lose like that.

While it looks bad for The Miz this week, I don't think it's going to matter all that much going forward. Ryback has moved on, and so will The Miz.

Since his last major Intercontinental title feud (with Rey Mysterio) appears to be done for good, I think we'll see a new challenger emerge for his coveted title: Kofi Kingston.

Kingston had a phenomenal match with Dolph Ziggler on Monday's Raw and is reportedly in line for a sizeable singles push as a result, according to Wrestling Observer.

I definitely think that Kingston deserves one, but I don't see him challenging for a World title or anything like that anytime soon. 

Thus, a potential split with R-Truth (why were they ever a team to begin with?) and feud with The Miz seems possible and is perhaps even likely. Should Kingston part ways with Truth, he will not have much to do, and neither will The Miz.

I'm of the belief that the Intercontinental Champion should always have a feud, and even though The Miz just jobbed to Ryback, I think the fans will forget about that relatively soon and would be intrigued by a potential Kingston/Miz rivalry.

They've crossed paths a number of times before. It's just a matter of time before they do it again.