WWE: 10 Things Kelly Kelly Can Do in Her Post-WWE Career

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2012

WWE: 10 Things Kelly Kelly Can Do in Her Post-WWE Career

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    WWE announced yesterday that veteran Diva Kelly Kelly has been released from her contract. Kelly Kelly, whose real name is Barbara Blank, has commented about the release on her Twitter account with nothing but great things to say about the company and the fans, both of which have been a big part of the past six years for Kelly Kelly. Those who are big Kelly Kelly fans do not need to worry much. Blank is only 25 years old right now, so she is far from being out of the spotlight.

    There are plenty of things for her to do, which seemed unlikely when a young Kelly Kelly debuted as an exhibitionist on the ECW brand. I won't dare say that is where she will end up going to, because the exposure WWE has given her has been life-changing and has helped many Divas before her.

    The options for Kelly Kelly, which already seem to be in the works from the look of her tweets, are very vast. WWE is still on good terms with her and she could even return to WWE one day, potentially. For now, here are 10 potential options for the newest WWE alumnus.


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    Blank has already done some modeling in her career. Modeling was in her background and helped get her discovered by WWE. So, why not go right back to her past and make it a part of her future? It isn't like WWE doesn't take a whole bunch of photos of their Divas anyway.

    She has been included on Maxim's Hot 100 for the past two years and even moved into the top 40 in 2012. She's just that hot, and you better believe that she is a hot commodity, no pun intended. Actually, let's include the pun. She's hot enough to handle it...or is she? These puns involving the word "hot" are getting a bit out of hand now.

Sideline Reporter

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    A little known fact about Barbie Blank is that she went to college and studied broadcast journalism. That's right; the desire of the Diva that made us desire her was to become a television anchor. Well, things changed, but she's still very young. Don't you imagine that players would give interviews to her?

    Her current boyfriend is NHL player Sheldon Souray, so it isn't like she is completely clueless about sports. She could be a great sideline reporter during a game that would put her on an Erin Andrews level, aside from the cockiness and being neurotic that people are watching her undress in hotel rooms.

    Blank could be a nice, pretty face to see near the field throughout a telecast. It certainly would be an improvement over Tony Siragusa. Assuming that the NHL ever returns to the ice, Blank could be a new face to bring some sex appeal to a sport that doesn't see quite as many fans as the other three major North American sports.

TNA Wrestling

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    Shouldn't it be expected that a certain wrestling company based out of Orlando will try to pick up the latest WWE release? TNA seems to really pride themselves on bringing in great female wrestlers for their Knockouts division. The division is so diverse that it even includes a tag team championship. Including a former WWE Divas Champion sounds like an idea that the powers that be with Impact Wrestling would love to investigate.

    The wrestling ability of Kelly Kelly isn't exactly the greatest, but TNA has done wonders in the past. Just look at Miss Tessmacher, who joined Kelly Kelly and Layla to form Extreme Exposé in ECW. Known by her real name of Brooke Adams at the time, her in-ring abilities were less than stellar. Now, she is among the top Knockouts in TNA today.

    Kelly Kelly wouldn't be her ring name, but a good play on her real name of Barbie Blank would be a likely direction to go in. With an improvement in the ring at such a young age, it would also bolster chances of a return to WWE in the years to follow.

Independent Bookings

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    It's the same idea, but without the exposure or the paychecks (that is, if they cash) that TNA could potentially give. Opening herself up to potential bookings independently would give fans a chance to meet Kelly Kelly up close and personal. What makes it better is that she would get to choose her dates to work and where, while a promotion would localize her to a location like TNA or give her a tiring work schedule like WWE did.

    If Blank wants to call her own shots, independent bookings is a nice segue to a normal life again. It keeps the legacy of Kelly Kelly strong without forcing her to be that female wrestler for her entire life. That is why so many ex-WWE stars head to independent promotions for some appearances following a release. It is a stepping stone to whatever Blank has in store for herself.

Write a Book

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    You may not know if Blank has a good story to tell, but there sure is a chance for some stuff. Wrestling news sites are probably emailing her like crazy already for her first post-WWE interview and any secrets of the company she would like to spill. If she chooses, Blank can use stories from her years growing up in WWE and use that for an interesting book.

    Keep in mind that Kelly Kelly was only 19 years old when she began to strip on ECW. It isn't very rare that someone that young makes it to the main roster of WWE and stays there for six years.

    Blank was actually one of the seasoned veterans among the Divas and even had more time in the company than some of the guys. Essentially, traveling the world while the average American is graduating from college is certainly unique and could prove to have a unique perspective into the wrestling world for a young girl.

Become a TV Hottie

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    Look at the path that Stacy Kiebler took. She went from WWE Diva to reality TV show contestant and ended up popping up on television shows. It was enough to catch the eye of George Clooney, which certainly doesn't hurt the stock of Kiebler, either. While Blank doesn't have a problem in the boyfriend department, launching herself onto television might not be a terrible next move.

    She did appear in a Timbaland music video once, along with other WWE Divas. Blank was a guest trainer on an episode of Celebrity Fit Club, and she also had some guest spots on a soccer program in Great Britain. Couldn't you see Blank pop up as a host for a reality show or something?

    Also, how can we forget that she was a guest on an episode of The Price is Right? Being a beauty on that show is a good launching pad to other jobs. Amber Lancaster, a current model on the show, has appeared in television shows on the side. It sounds like a step down at the surface, but so does the title of former pro wrestler to some people.

Gain Movie Roles

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    There are so many ideas for movies coming out of Hollywood. A lot of them are awful. This doesn't impact the basic formula of a movie, including having a beautiful woman somehow involved in the plot and being a big selling point for the movie. It doesn't even matter a whole lot if the actress is even good at acting. As long as she looks beautiful in the movie and is desirable enough for the audience, it becomes a valuable position to be in.

    A girl like Tara Reid is a perfect example of a bad actress who keeps getting movie roles because she was attractive. Imagine replacing her with Blank, who is younger and hotter, as well as probably being a better actress than Reid has ever been. It seems like a no-brainer to become an actress, and it may be among the upcoming ventures Blank will be announcing in the weeks ahead.

Take to YouTube

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    If all else fails, use the social media to become a big deal. Zack Ryder has proven that anyone with a webcam and a show idea can become relevant. There are constantly new YouTube sensations everyday and it is something like that which could start out as a fun hobby with little effort put into it and turn into a career path. You'd be surprised at what doors open to Internet sensations.

    For those who saw Kelly Kelly in WWE, this is a unique change of pace. However, not everyone knows about wrestlers like they did back in the '90s during the Attitude Era.

    Kelly Kelly was not a big-time name to the average person, so introducing her to the masses is something that could be important. Nearly 700,000 Twitter followers will only get you so far, especially when a lot of them were only following because she was involved in WWE in the first place.

    Barbie Blank needs to reinvent herself away from Kelly Kelly, and YouTube could be the cheap and effective way to do just that.

Pose for Playboy

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    Kelly Kelly was a WWE hottie, but in today's day and age, that gets you a Maxim cover. Back in the day, a Diva like Kelly Kelly could get a Playboy cover and feature story. Some of the greatest-selling issues in Playboy history have included WWE Divas, so having an ex-Diva could have some success, too, especially if Blank is up for the offer.

    Take a poll in any significant group of men with a picture of Barbie Blank hanging up. Ask the men if they would wish to see her naked. If you don't get an overwhelming amount of men saying yes, there is something wrong. It would hurt her position in the good graces of WWE, but it could launch her career in other avenues. It's a risky move, but if it is something Blank wishes to do, it will likely pay off incredibly well for her.

Sit at Home

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    This is likely what Blank will be doing, at least for a little bit of time. It must be nice to be 25 years old and not have to worry about finding a job so quickly. When you are among the hottest women in the world and dating an athlete, that typically happens.

    Then again, Blank is currently out of work and her boyfriend, Sheldon Souray, is not working either as long as the NHL is locked out. So, relax all you like, you two. It ultimately makes you one of the best unemployed couples in Hollywood.

    At least be glad that she is not so desperate to keep Kelly Kelly alive that she is trying to get a paycheck anywhere she possibly can. I suppose that the weeks and months ahead will tell the real story, but Blank has hardly been seen in a WWE ring in over three months. With her microphone skills and in-ring ability not being the greatest, it is hardly a major blow to the company.

    Fans can still wish Blank the best in what she is planning to do with herself, whatever it is and whenever it starts. She's only 25 years old, so she's certainly in no rush to start a new chapter yet.