Arizona Cardinals: Why Dream Season Will Not Last

Tobe MooreContributor IIISeptember 30, 2012

Kevin Kolb sacked eight times in Cardinals win
Kevin Kolb sacked eight times in Cardinals winNorm Hall/Getty Images

Arizona Cardinal fans are starting to believe the media hype that their team's 4-0 start against NFL elites like the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are "for real".

Heck, even today, the Cards pulled off another late-game miracle. 

Truth is, however, today's game against the 1-3 Miami Dolphins exposed some of the weaknesses that have been evident to anyone looking at everything but the final score of Cardinals games the first four weeks of the 2012 season.

The offensive line continues to block horribly for both the run and the pass, and the defense can't win the game every week on its own. I could discuss how the defense gave up over 400 yards to a rookie QB, but its performance the first three weeks has earned it a pass from criticism for this game.

But the offense? Yikes.   

The Cards have had poor offensive line play for many years now. If it wasn't for the Hall-of-Fame talent of Kurt Warner, the Cards would still be a running joke in the NFL. (Kurt must be thinking he could have added two more Super Bowl rings with this current Arizona defense.)

Kevin Kolb will never be like Kurt, and until he learns to consistently get rid of the ball quickly, the sacks (eight today) and interceptions (two more today) will stack up, and the Cards will find a way this season to miss out on the playoffs. Yeah, that's a bold and difficult statement for a Cardinal fan to make.

But the fact is, the dream will be over real soon, and the wake up call could come as early as Thursday night when they visit the St. Louis Rams

In this league, you have to be able to run the ball to win, unless you have a great QB. Kevin Kolb is not a great QB, and such poor blocking up front hasn't allowed the run game to get untracked (28 yards today).

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic about the 4-0 start, but the Whiz-and-Kolb show is about to start the slide that is four weeks overdue.

That is, unless John Skelton returns with some crazy scramblin' quarterback skills.