Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Harrison Twins to Make Their Decision Thursday

Nick NafpliotisCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2012

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Andrew Harrison announced via his Twitter account this evening that he (and in all likelihood, his brother) will decide between attending the University of Kentucky or the University of Maryland. The tweet was sent out a little before 8:00 PM on Monday evening, which read:

"Thursday will be the toughest decision I ever had to make but I'm looking forward to it."

Message boards and fan sites had run rampant with rumors that an announcement could be coming soon (with ESPNU even running promos for it), but this is the first public confirmation that we've received from either prospect declaring Thursday as the set date.

The recruitment of the Harrison twins has had both the Kentucky and Maryland fan bases on edge this offseason. After rumors from's Adam Zagoria of dissension within the family over what school the boys would attend and speculation over which Midnight Madness event they would attend, every possible quote and unverified lead was analyzed to an obsessive degree. But it now looks like the waiting will be over much sooner than almost anyone anticipated.

With Scout reporting that at least one of the Harrisons has decided to attend Kentucky's Midnight Madness event instead of Maryland's (per the Lexington Herald-Leader's Ben Roberts), I would say that the smart money is on both boys wearing blue next fall. 


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