Denver Nuggets Unveil Atrocious Uniforms, Rekindling Love Affair with the 80's

Kaleb SmithCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2012

Through the many years of the NBA, every team has had an ugly duckling stage.  For clarification, I do not mean rosters and a team’s win-loss record, but team uniforms.  One team seems to be consistently beaten with the ugly stick: the Denver Nuggets.  The new uniforms showcased by the Nuggets organization through its Instagram account have eye gouged us all with a golden monster of a get-up.

In the entire franchise history of the Nuggets, the most recent uniforms, such as that nice baby blue, finally established Denver as possessing a decent attire.  Unfortunately, the franchise reverse pivoted into a hideous yellow monster.  The monster gobbled up uniforms made famous by the talented Alex English and regurgitated the jerseys covered in yellow vomit.

The new uniforms add a touch of the eighties to the court this season.  The Nuggets will continue to keep their regular lovely uniforms of the past few seasons and add the new alternate for 18 games this upcoming season.  That is 18 games too many.

The new alternate uniforms try to recapture the eighties NBA look that had been revived through the past years by use of “throwback” jerseys.  Stores such as Foot Locker and Finish Line filled shelves with Alex English replicas, and many ate up the jerseys for all the wrong reasons.  The rainbow uniforms that had always been atrocious were deemed by society as “cool and hip."  Although I doubt anyone thought it could get any worse than the English jerseys; well unfortunately, it did.

The rainbow streak and skyline remains on the new alternate uniforms, yet they have a different array of colors.  Instead of merely being a rainbow from the eighties, they now use more shades of blue instead of the red and pink.  Honestly that is a step up; instead of using the navy blue, the yellow monster spits out uniforms tarnished with an ugly yellow.

Time to welcome back the Denver Nuggets to the ugly eighties stage once again!