WWE: Why CM Punk & AJ's Relationship Should Be Renewed

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2012

Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Tumblr

If there’s anything that makes for good TV, it’s a bad guy who has all the power. In order to finish putting him over the top, CM Punk and AJ’s relationship should be renewed.

The WWE is currently doing a fine job selling CM Punk to the fans. Not only is he a fantastic wrestler and a marvel on the mic, but also he’s turned into one of those wrestlers who are just too much fun to hate.

Week in and week out, Punk has managed to take on the best and retain the title for 317 days. He’s been partnered up with Paul Heyman, easily one of the best characters ever developed in the world of professional wrestling.

But by renewing the special relationship between Punk and AJ Lee, the WWE has a golden opportunity to finish the Punk heel turn.

Earlier this year when AJ was having her mental breakdown, she had quite a few moments with Punk inside the ring and backstage as well. The WWE hinted a bigger, steamy side to what was going on.

Renewing Punk and AJ’s relationship gives the WWE Universe two things: 1) We get crazy AJ back and 2) We get CM Punk in complete control of Raw.

There’s no denying that AJ has been one of the better GMs of the past few years. Not as powerful or influential as say, Eric Bischoff, but very entertaining and unpredictable.

But when she’s off her rocker, she’s even better.

Who can forget the images of her sitting on her knees at the top of the ramp chanting Daniel Bryan’s catchphrase or her staring strangely off into space for no real apparent reason?

How powerful and scary was the image of her from last week’s Raw with tears streaming down her face? We knew what could happen when she was like this and we were riveted.

On last night’s Raw, we started seeing more of the loose cannon AJ coming back. It was priceless watching AJ beg Kaitlyn for forgiveness right before bursting into laughter.

As for Punk, the WWE can have him kick Mick Foley all day long, threaten JR or boast about beating John Cena again, but none of it will make him seem as untouchable as having the GM in his back pocket.

Imagine the possibilities: Punk can be pinned and AJ will reverse the decision or restart the match; She can make matches with stipulations that favor Punk: Or AJ could declare that Punk won’t defend the title in certain cities on certain days.

All the while, Punk is running the show by pulling AJ’s heartstrings.

It’s not so crazy an idea. The role of a bad GM isn’t anything new. John Laurinaitis, anyone?

There’s even a precedence for a GM radically favoring their champion. Back in 2002, SmackDown GM Stephanie McMahon signed WWE Champion Brock Lesnar exclusively to the blue brand, forcing Eric Bischoff to create another title on Raw.

Suddenly we had two champions and history was created.

Is it so far fetched to think that the WWE could create history again with the power play produced by a Punk-AJ reunion?

Nothing is better than a bad guy in power.