Where The Leafs Stand After Trade Deadline Day

Tyler Hill@@tyler_hillVPAnalyst IMarch 7, 2009

Okay, this is the second time in under a month I’m writing an article about the Leafs and the fact that they need to tank. I think just about everyone knows that the Leafs aren’t going to make the playoffs, and even if they did, there is only like a 10 percent chance they could possibly make it to the second round-realistically.

Just weeks ago the Maple Leafs were sitting in a solid draft position (Top Five). However, over the last couple of games they have been on a hot streak, of sorts. For seven straight games they went to Overtime, and during those last seven games they have collected 11 out of a possible 14 points. Pretty damn good for a team that should be well out of it by now, eh?

The problem is that’s not good. If this were at any other time during the season it would be great, fantastic, awesome. However now that the deadline has passed and the “stretch” run has officially begun, it is horrible.

Due to this recent hot streak, which, from a perspective could be interpreted as a cold streak, the Leafs have slipped from their top five seeded pick to the -before lottery- eighth pick.

There are four teams behind them in the east and four in the west, with a seven point differential separating them from their closest follower in the east.

This is a dramatic change since two and a half weeks ago they were only two points ahead of Ottawa, three points ahead of Tampa Bay, and behind all of the western conference teams as well.

Well, now that, Vesa Toskala is done for the season (we wish you well Vesa), Nik Antropov and Dominic Moore are gone and of course the two goaltenders we are left with are Cujo and Gerber, we can hope that the Leafs will once again start to slide down the slope- as much as they can now that they’ve started almost thrown themselves out of a good draft position.

In the closing days of the 2008-09 season I would hope that all the Leafs can find it their hearts to not let their fans down by actually making the playoffs the one year they aren’t supposed to.

Yes Pavel Kubina, I know that you’re doing well now and you really think you have a chance, but come on, you could'nt have been serious when you said that the Leafs would be in the race for the playoffs, could you? Playoffs? You’re talking Playoffs?

Go Leafs Go!