Is The Honeymoon Over? Quickly Thrown Together Teams Miss Atlanta

Matthew MerrillContributor IMarch 7, 2009

As we move into Week Four of the NASCAR season, we notice that only four teams missed the race in Atlanta this weekend.

Most of us barely notice them, as we continue to pull for our favorite drivers like Jeff Gordan, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Tony Stewart.

Yet, two of the four teams that missed the race this week were teams that made the first two. Not only did they make the first two, but were also newsworthy as they were pulled together in weeks and made the Daytona 500.

Tommy Baldwin Racing (one of the teams that failed to make the race) was established Jan. 8 of this year. The team was pulled together and made Daytona and California.

Baldwin Racing is still looking for a primary sponsor, and as of today, sits in 41st in points—already 63 points out of a locked in spot for races after Bristol.

The other team sitting aside is Mayfield Motorsports.

This team came together on Feb. 3, and made the same two races as TBR. As of the Daytona 500, many of this team's crew had not even received their first paycheck.

A big setback occurred when one of the crewmen, Paul Chodora, failed his drug test and became the first victim of NASCAR's new substance abuse policy.

Overall, these teams had our attention for a moment and have suddenly begun to disappear from our sight. Both are now in a race with the economy to see if they can survive as the money in the sport we know and love continues to dry up.