How the Minnesota Vikings Can Fix Their Offseason in One Simple Step: Torry Holt

Eric RhodyCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2009

To say the Vikings' offseason has been unproductive is an understatement.

First, they apparently "solved" their quarterback problem by trading a fourth-round pick for Sage Rosenfels. In all honesty, I have no objections towards this move. It's an extremely low risk move that can only result in good things.

But I think most Vikings fans were thinking a whole lot bigger. Jeff Garcia is STILL a free agent. What happened to that? Matt Cassel was an option, why not pay the big bucks to get the missing piece for their organization?

Wasn't there a rumor about a Matt Hasselbeck trade? Or a Jay Cutler trade?

Well, regardless, you'd think they'd try just a little bit harder to get a bigger name. But it wasn't any harm done.

Than came the T.J. Houshmanzadeh debacle. When the top free-agent receiver doesn't want to play for you because of your quarterback situation, then you officially have a problem.

Still, the Vikings weren't losing anything so nothing was really wrong yet right? Wrong. Matt Birk, a six-time Pro Bowl center, left his hometown team for the Baltimore Ravens. The rumored reason was that he had problems with Brad Childress in the past.

Through all this, the Vikings haven't made ONE free agent signing. They've traded for Rosenfels and re-signed Heath Farwell and Jim Kleinsasser. Other than that, they've accomplished nothing.

However, there remains a beacon of hope.

Torry Holt, the only remaining shred of the Greatest Show on the Turf still playing for the Rams, asked for his release on Mar. 2.

If the Rams release him, this would be the golden opportunity for the Vikings to redeem their so far dismal offseason. Signing Holt would bring a player of a caliber whose actually better than Houshmanzadah.

Houshmanzadah is a one-time Pro Bowler. Holt is a 7 time Pro Bowler. Housmanzadah has 507 career receptions. Holt has 869. Houshmanzadah is 32. Holt is 32. The math is fairly simple.

Holt isn't washed up either. His last Pro Bowl season was in 2007, and the Rams were significantly held back this season due to coaching problems and an extremely poor defense.

Here's your shot Vikes. Go for it.