The Five Things I Think TNA Wrestling Is Doing Right

Chuck Fiello Jr.Correspondent IMarch 7, 2009

Previously, I wrote a column about how I would change TNA wrestling and why I think it would only help to increase their fan base.  Well, I like to consider myself a fair man so in all fairness, I think it's time to point out some things that I think they are doing correctly. 

I still think those changes would help but since I doubt they are running to change it based on my analysis, let's break down what I like right now.

Their biggest asset is something that I know many who have attended their events will attest to, their fan friendly atmosphere. 

I personally attended the Genesis 2009 pay per view and witnessed a few wrestlers and TNA President Dixie Carter interacting with fans. 

I also heard firsthand as people in line talked about how much this made them more of a fan and hoped to attend fan festivals hosted by TNA again.

I have heard this issue discussed and I could not agree more but I am adding it anyway to emphasize the point.  In eras past, many took secondary belts and used them to just fill a card. 

TNA is not afraid to push their X-Division because they know that many talented wrestlers aren't built for the heavyweight division.  TNA has many gifted athletes that fit this description and it makes a show so much better when these guys are given a chance to shine.

Tag team wrestling is something often under utilized in wrestling these days yet TNA has one of the strongest tag team divisions in the history of the sport.  From Team 3D to Motor City Machine Guns to LAX to my personal favorites Beer Money, they are loaded and feature other teams that could on a given night make for some great matches. 

Yes, some of these guys work singles matches from time to time but they go back to their team eventually and are not afraid to make the tag team division look strong.

TNA is doing their best to also help push young and upcoming talent.  I know some do not like the Main Event Mafia against the Frontline but I like it because it gives them a chance to feature younger guys against more established wrestlers. 

I am not saying they are perfect as I am a fan of Petey Williams, who they just released recently, but I do think they spend a lot of time trying to get guys some work with the veterans. 

My last point of contention relies on their ability to utilize the internet as much as they have.  With their recent deal with iTunes in check, regular web matches and other videos such as Spin Cycle and Don West's Insane Deals, they are doing their best to appease the internet fans such as myself. 

You can also from time to time catch clips of the recent Impact shows on YouTube posted by TNA themselves.  I personally enjoyed the behind the scene videos of the recent England TNA house show trip because it adds a more realistic touch to their product.

This is my top five reasons to be a proud fan of the TNA product (that and WWE honestly bores me as of late and I like competition as well).  I give my take as someone with approximately 30 years of being a fan and someone who at one time wished to get involved in the business.  This is why I care about it prospering so I can enjoy it for another 30 years.

So what do you think?  Is TNA worth saving or just a future WWE wrestling tape library as most other territories have become?  What do you like/dislike about the product(don't just be negative, point out the good as well)?