In a Perfect World, A-Rod Would Return at Home Opener

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIMarch 8, 2009

We learned Sunday that the media roller coaster that is Alex Rodriguez has came to a stop for now, for 6-9 weeks to be exact.

He will have surgery on his torn right hip labrum, opting for a so-called "hybrid" approach that could have him playing for the Yankees about two months after the limited procedure.

With that being said, the New York Yankees start the season on the road against Baltimore, Kansas City and Tampa Bay.

They won't make it to the new Yankee Stadium for a regular season game until April 16 against the Cleveland Indians in a 1:05 ET game.

Rodriguez will undergo the surgery on Monday morning in Vail, Colorado. Hip specialist Dr. Marc Philippon will perform the surgery.

After that, Rodriguez is expected to return to Major League game-ready shape in six to nine weeks.

If you do the math, April 16 is around five-and-a-half weeks away, all but ruling Alex Rodriguez out of a history-making game in New York, which is saddening to me.

Of course, after all that has gone on in the off-season, Alex Rodriguez is getting what most would say he deserves.

I see it in a different light, because I respect Alex Rodriguez for telling the truth.

Yeah, he did it in his own way, and it wasn't the best timing for him to come clean, but he did it, and over 100 others are still living a lie.

I do believe that this game is in the back of his mind and the New York Yankees' minds for that matter, and it would be the absolute earliest and a miracle for him to return then.

"The goal here is to allow Alex to rehab rapidly in a safe manner," Dr. Philippon said. "The approach we're using is much safer than letting Alex play the way he is now."

Some would say that Rodriguez can get away from the media for now and it is a silver lining. I look at it as the worst thing that could have happened to him.

The best way for A-Rod to heal mentally is to be on that baseball field and hit his way through it, and for now, he won't be able to do that.

Get well soon Alex, others might not care, but I still do.