FIFA 13: Best Players You Want on Your Team in EA's Latest

Alex Ballentine@Ballentine_AlexFeatured ColumnistOctober 5, 2012

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FIFA 13 boasts a massive player universe with over 46 international teams as well as various teams from over 30 leagues around the world. Out of that large sample size of players, only a few players have truly elite ratings.

If you're looking to completely dominate the competition, you'll need the best players. With so few carrying elite rankings, these players can be key to leading you to victory. Here's a look at the three best players on the game you'll want on your team.


Lionel Messi, Argentina and Barcelona

Fervent supporters of Messi in the Messi vs. Ronaldo debate can score one for their side. Messi takes the honor of being the highest-rated player in FIFA 13 with an overall rating of 94.

The diminutive striker from Argentina is known for his prolific goal-scoring abilities in real life and his virtual counterpart doesn't disappoint.

Messi is great to have on your team because of his ability to create his own shot. Thanks to his blazing speed and agility, Messi is instant offense anytime he has the ball in his possession. There's nothing more exciting than weaving through a myriad of defenders before firing a well-placed shot into the net and gamers can do just that with Messi on their team.


Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal and Real Madrid

Ronaldo fans will be disappointed that their favorite player isn't the highest-rated player in the game, but he isn't too far behind his La Liga counterpart.

Ronaldo comes in with an overall rating of 92 and plenty of offensive skills in his own right.

Much like having Messi on your team, you are never very far from a goal-scoring opportunity with Ronaldo. More often than not he converts on unlikely shots around the net.

With more control over dribbling, Ronaldo's creativity should really shine through for gamers as he moves around defenders to score plenty of goals.


Xavi Hernandez, Spain and Barcelona

Coming in as the highest-rated non-forward is Xavi. The star midfielder garners a 91 rating and instantly makes any team more effective.

Whether playing the leadership role for the Spanish national team or feeding Messi the ball with Barcelona, chances are if you're using Xavi you're in a good position.

With his slick passing and quality control on the pitch, Xavi can give you a huge advantage in time of possession and setting up scores while still possessing enough firepower to put the ball in the net when called upon.

Between Messi and Xavi, Barcelona is easily one of the most unstoppable teams on the game.