NBA 2K13: Most Overrated Players in This Year's Edition

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistOctober 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of Franchise Play
Photo courtesy of Franchise Play

Sports video games are fun when they are as realistic as possible. Unfortunately, a flaw in the new NBA 2K13 is that a number of players are much better than their real-life counterparts. 

This will obviously something that will come up in most games, but gamers who use these players will basically have an unfair advantage over their opponent. It is not like Tim Tebow can suddenly complete passes with accuracy in the latest Madden game, so NBA fans should expect the same type of consistency.

These players are not bad by any means, but it is unlikely they live up to their lofty rankings in the upcoming season.


Caron Butler (81)

Serge Ibaka is one of the best young defensive players in basketball and is getting better every year. Kevin Martin is an elite scorer in his prime. However, both of these players are rated exactly the same as the aging Caron Butler.

Butler once was a well-rounded wing who would fill up the stat sheet in numerous categories. Now, he is just a low-end scorer who shoots too much. He is the fourth or fifth option on his team, and his play is only like to drop as his career progresses.

He had career lows last season in rebounds, assists, blocks and steals, while his points per game was the second lowest in 10 NBA seasons.

There are definitely players you would rather have on your team that are rated equally to or lower than Butler in the video game.


Eric Gordon (85)

Gordon is a very good young scorer, but he has not proven his skill with enough consistency to get this high of a rating.

He missed most of last season due to injuries, something that is plaguing him once again this year. According to Matt Moore of CBS Sports, Gordon will be limited in training camp and the problems can continue into the season. 

The guard has had one good year on a team that did not have many perimeter scorers. He should have to show he can do it again to be rated alongside perennial All-Stars.


Manu Ginobili (86)

A few years ago, Manu Ginobili was one of the best guards in the NBA. However, a large number of players have past the 35-year-old Argentine since that time.

Ginobili missed almost half of last season with a hand injury, and it gave the San Antonio Spurs an opportunity to see what they have with some younger players on the squad. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green started to get increased playing time and that should continue into next season.

Ginobili is also not as good or as valuable to the franchise as teammate Tony Parker, who is equally rated in the game. 


Dwight Howard (96)

Although he is an incredible athlete, Dwight Howard should not be rated as the No. 2 player in the game behind LeBron James.

First of all, he is entering the season coming off back surgery and admits he is not yet 100 percent healthy, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Luckily, his back will be at ease this year when he does not have to carry his entire team like in the past.

However, he is not even the best player on his new team. Despite his age, Kobe Bryant still was a close second in the NBA in scoring and raised his average to 30 points per game in the postseason. There is little doubt he will lead his team in scoring once again, even with Howard on the squad.

In the video game, there should be no one with an ability to stop Howard on defense. You can pass the ball to him and score at will. This is simply unrealistic and it will hinder your ability to enjoy what should be a great video game.